It use to be that seeing a MiG-29 Fulcrum screech across the sky was an unheard of event. Then, communism came to an end, and the elusive fourth-gen fighter suddenly was in the hands of a number of US allies. Slowly but surely, its exposure increased, until videos like this started to pop up. This is Fulcrum Drivers II, the creation of MiG-29 pilots at the Polish Air Force's 22nd Airbase, in Malbork.

Gorgeously shot, with plenty of in-cockpit and pilot-eye views, it's an excellent look at the aging, but still deadly, MiG-29. The nearly five minute video shows off plenty of aerial maneuvers, including some shenanigans with a Eurofighter Typhoon from what looked like the German Luftwaffe and the in-cockpit view of an AA-8 Aphid heat-seeking missile launch.

We have Fulcrum Drivers II available below, but just for giggles, we've included the original, as well. Scroll down and check them out.

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