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Soaring SUV sales clash with attempts to slow climate change

200 million SUVs in the world and counting, up from 35 million in 2010

Soaring demand for SUVs drove record sales for premium carmakers including BMW and Mercedes last year, leaving the industry on collision course with government efforts to tackle global warming despite big investments in electric vehicles. BMW said on Friday deliveries by its main luxury brand rose 2% to a record 2,168,516 vehicles last year, thanks to a 21% jump in sales of its "X" branded sport-utility vehicles (SUV) which now make up 44% of the BMW brand's global sales. At Mercedes

Republican senator opposes Trump EPA pick over climate change policies

Several other Republican senators might also vote against confirming him

Several other Republican senators might also vote against confirming him.

NHTSA study forecasts dangerous rise in world temperatures by 2100

But it's being used to justify relaxing environmental standards

But it's being used to justify relaxing environmental standards.

Lithium processors risk shortfall as EV batteries quadruple demand

Although lithium is plentiful, the problem is ensuring there is enough capacity to process it.

California gives Volkswagen green light for clean vehicle infrastructure plan

This is the first part of the price VW will pay in its diesel emissions settlement.

My next car is electrified, says Shell CEO

Ben Van Beurden thinks more people should be driving electric cars.

The CFO drives a BMW i3.

Porsche says it found 'irregular' software as Germany recalls diesel Cayenne

"There is no explanation why this software was in this vehicle."

"There is no explanation why this software was in this vehicle."

Australia to build superhighway for EVs beside Great Barrier Reef

An 1,118-mile stretch of coastline with charging stations.

Russian dash cam plows through a plague of locusts

The video is a fascinating look at what, sadly for Dagestan, is an annual event.

Daimler will recall 3 million Mercedes diesel cars for $255 million fix

"The service actions involve no costs for the customers."

France plans to ban sale of diesel, gasoline vehicles

It's meant to keep momentum going on the Paris climate agreement.

Global power sector emissions projected to peak in 2026

The report said the costs of renewable power will continue to fall.

Number of electric vehicles on roads reaches 2 million

EVs need to reach 300 million by the year 2040 to have an effect on global warming.

Trump pulls out of Paris accord - but in many ways, he can't stop progress

Even the oil companies urged against this and want to be part of the solution.

What will this mean for the environment, the auto and oil industries, and the country's place at the global table?

Trump to announce decision on climate deal at 3 p.m. Thursday

Trump has come under pressure from advisers, close allies, corporate CEOs, Democrats and some fellow Republicans to keep the United States in the accord.

Ahead of Trump decision, China will stick to Paris climate deal

"Climate change is a global challenge. No county can place itself outside of this."

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Trump plans to pull out of Paris climate deal; Elon Musk vows to quit advising president

Trump has called global warming a hoax intended to weaken American industries.

Trump signs order to unravel Obama clean-air regulations

Move favors oil, coal industries.

Trump says the plan hurts the fossil fuel industry, yet it was never actually implemented.

Trump CAFE review: Automakers, be careful what you ask for

Why lowering the fuel-economy standards might not be in car companies' best interest.

Will the easing of fuel mileage standards be a good thing for the auto industry? At least one experts thinks not.

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