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Ferrari building 350 unique special editions for its 70th anniversary

And apparently that's not enough.

Ferrari has been in business since 1947, which makes 2017 the automaker's 70th birthday. To celebrate its old age, the company has reportedly decided to create 350 bespoke special editions, each different from the next. According to Autocar, the company made the announcement to 100 owners and collectors in Venice, Italy, last weekend during the Ferrari Cavalcade.

The 350 unique models will come from Ferrari's current lineup, and will include 70 each of the California T, 488 GTB, 488 Spider, GTC4 Lusso, and F12 Berlinetta. The Italian automaker chose 70 of the most iconic vehicles from its past to inspire the upcoming special editions, with each of the 350 examples being unique. To get this level of exclusivity, the Tailor-Made division, which handles the company's extra-custom orders, will lend a helping hand in design.

The hardest thing for Ferrari, however, won't be putting 350 unique models on the road, but deciding how to pick which owners and collectors get the opportunity to purchase them. According to Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne, that is "the most difficult part of what I do." Yep, sounds like a tough job, turning away millionaires.

Autocar reports that Ferrari will reveal the 350 special-edition models at the Paris Motor Show in October, but that sounds like a difficult task. We're guessing they won't all be present, but that would sure be a sight to see.

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