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Daimler plans sound strategy for EVs [w/video]

As regulations encourage wider adoption of electric cars and more OEMs get into their electric-car stride, we're getting a better idea of what the synthetic tones we'll be hearing on our electrified streets. Not only will it be unlike anything we've ever heard, it could get pretty raucous according to a Bloomberg article that surveys the sound engineers creating the notes sung by electric cars.

Audi's electric e-tron to get artificial sound

Audi e-tron concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Nissan Leaf will break the EV silence with a digital whistle [w/video]

Nissan Leaf EV sound - Click above for video after the jump

Nissan demonstrating speed-sensitive alert sounds for Leaf in Japan

Nissan Leaf EV – Click above for high-res image gallery

Electric cars can't stay silent forever, noise is coming soon

We can already picture all the NVH engineers huddled in some back corner crying together. After all, they just find out that the duties they held of eliminating noises from cars for decades are about to be crushed by a new safety guideline that will put noise back into electric and hybrid vehicles.

Silent electric vehicles to cause new problems for NVH engineers?

A researcher at Renault said customers surveyed last year about what they want in an electric car responded, "silence, peace of mind and comfortable riding, a windy sound quality, a fluid driving experience like a skipper enjoying a sailboat." That sounds dreamy, until you realize how loud a car really is underneath all of the regular car noises we've come to expect from an ICE-powered ride. For instance, when Jonathon Ramsey

Horse sense from electric car designer: clip-clop sounds announce vehicle is coming

Remember the post a few months ago about blind pedestrians concerned over the silent running of electric vehicles and hybrids. It's a significant issue for the blind community who fear losing mobility if they can't hear a vehicle passing through an intersection or especially in a parking lot where motorists don't always follow prescribed traffic patterns.