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A comedian and car guy looks at why comedians are car guys.

On a recent episode of the Daily Show, the spike and price of a barrel of oil was explained (see videos below the fold). The comedy news show's explanation includes $15 of the $104 for a barrel of oil going towards trying to convince the public that the oil companies are not raping the environment. Another $25 goes towards blackening the oil because oil actually comes out of the ground rainbow colored. Who knew? The Daily Show also took a shot at President Bush for his press conference where he

The Greenbrier retreat hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers is known as something of a boondoggle in the industry, but with all the doom and gloom, we're hard-pressed to deny the automotive bigwigs a little fun. The tone of the confrence is light, with industry execs spending more time creating comedy routines than doing any actual work. Last year's event saw Bo Andersson search high and low for a Dracula costume after an opening skit referred to him as a blood-sucking vampire.