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B-21 Raider nickname honors World War II's Doolittle Raid

The Air Force considered 2,100 suggestions for the new stealth bomber's name.

Sorry fans of Stealthy McHidden, but the US Air Force takes the naming of its newest bomber a little more seriously than you do.

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How to prevent a B-21 bomber-sized boondoggle

Three questions we should be asking about the B-21 bomber.

The US Air Force needs a new flagship bomber, but how do we avoid another trillion-dollar mistake like the F-35 Lightning II?

Air Force forgets about Boaty McBoatface, asks internet for B-21 nicknames

Highlights include Stealthy McHidden, Hell Pigeon, and Bob.

The US Air Force is asking the internet to help name the new B-21 stealth bomber. That wasn't the best idea, based on some of the Twitter suggestions.

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Are America's big military projects crippling its ability in today's battles?

Spending on big aircraft carriers and missile subs is hurting America's fighting abilities in today's conflict, a prominent Marine Corps general argues.

USAF secretary releases first rendering of new B-21 strike bomber

Secretary Deborah Lee James posted the rendering on Twitter and announced that the aircraft known as the Long Range Strike Bomber would be called B-21.