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Honda autonomous ATV could save time, money — and in disasters, even lives

Honda's self-drive plans to be revealed at CES 2019

Honda's self-drive plans to be revealed at CES 2019.

Detroit chief wants ATVs off city streets after deadly police encounter

15-year-old was killed after trooper tased him from a moving car.

California companies fined $3.6 million for importing dirty ATVs

One California-based consultant just got busted for double-dipping on four-wheelers. Chi Zheng, whose Los Angeles-based companies MotorScience Inc. and MotorScience Enterprise Inc. specialized as a consultant for all-terrain vehicle imports from China, had his companies fined $3.6 million for violating emissions requirements, according to the US Department of Justice, US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The companies were hit with a $3.55 million fin