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Industry News for Automotive Techs: October 29 - November 4

Every week we compile recent industry news and interesting reads that shouldn’t be missed.

Is an Aftermarket Car Part as Good as an OEM Car Part?

For many people, needing to have a car part replaced is always accompanied by a difficult question: aftermarket, or OEM? OEM, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, are parts made and sold by the automaker of the vehicle.

What's the Difference Among OES, OEM, and Aftermarket Car Parts?

If you've ever been in the market for new parts for your vehicle, you'll have likely seen the OEM and OES abbreviations at some point.

Industry News for Automotive Techs: October 1-7

Every week we compile recent industry news and interesting reads that shouldn’t be missed.

How To Buy Used Auto Parts

No matter how reliable a vehicle is, sooner or later most of us find ourselves in the market for auto parts.

How to Install an Aftermarket Air Intake

Trying to squeeze more performance out of your car can be an expensive and serious undertaking.

3 Essential Things to Know About Your Car’s Rims

The car’s rims are what the inside edge of the tire is mounted on.

All About Aftermarket Parts

Have you ever wondered why a part varies in price from the dealership to the parts store on the street corner? Have you ever wished you could find less expensive parts to keep your vehicle maintenance costs down? Have you ever picked up two of the same part made by different manufacturers and wondered what the difference actually is? The term "aftermarket" refers to parts that aren’t manufactured by the auto maker, while parts produced by the auto maker are known as Original Equipment Manufactur

What Is a Reprogrammable ECU?

The ECU, or engine control unit, is part of your car’s computerized brain and is responsible for monitoring and managing all aspects of engine operation.

Is It Dangerous to Buy a Car with Aftermarket Parts Installed?

It's not always possible or practical to buy or lease a new car.

Why Are There so Many Aftermarket Options for Mufflers?

Your car came from the automaker with a stock muffler.

What Metal Is the Exhaust System Made From?

Exhaust systems must be made from metal to provide the required durability and resistance to heating, cooling and exposure to the elements.

What Are the Benefits of an Aftermarket Exhaust System?

All cars must have an exhaust system in order to vent gases from the engine.

All About Window Tinting (and Why You Should Care)

Types of Window Tint Some vehicle manufacturers have windows that come with a factory tint on the vehicle's windows, though that is generally only done on the rear windows.

How Much Can I Tint My Windows Legally?

Window tint is a desirable option in vehicles today, whether it’s for a new, used, or classic car.

How Do Underbody Car Lights Work?

Your car has a number of important lights on it – headlights, turn signals, taillights, brake lights, running lights, and more.

What Advantages Do Aftermarket Suspension Components Offer?

Most modern cars’ and trucks’ suspensions are carefully designed to ensure adequate performance under a variety of conditions.

How Does Adjustable Suspension Work?

Every vehicle’s suspension — the collection of parts that supports it, cushions its load from bumps, and enables it to turn — represents a compromise by the designers.

Will Coilovers Improve My Car's Handling?

In the land of aftermarket suspensions there are spring kits, air bag kits, adjustable shocks and struts, and a variety of other approaches to improving handling and/or changing ride height, but when the subject is improving high-speed handling, the most hushed tones and awed looks are reserved for the “coilover.

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