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Blood Shed Motors Zombie 222 Electric Mustang

It may look like a regular 1968 Ford Mustang, but don't let its familiar face fool you. There's nothing normal about the Zombie 222 from Blood Shed Motors.

First and foremost, this machine is electric. It's also insanely powerful, and a world-record holder as the fastest electric vehicle ever tested at the annual Texas Mile event.

Click on the image above to learn more about what makes this all-electric Mustang so special.

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Translogic 180: Zombie 222 Electric '68 Mustang

Translogic heads to Austin, TX for a chance to drive an all-electric Zombie 222 '68 Mustang, converted by Mitch Medford and the team at Blood Shed Motors. This vehicle has classic looks, but modern performance that surpasses some supercars. With over 800 horsepower and massive torque, the Zombie 222 is the fastest electric car we've ever driven.
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Zombie 222 Electric Mustang rear

Look! No tailpipes. The Zombie 222 originally left the factory with a V8 engine underhood. Suffice it to say, it's much, much faster than before, and, as an added bonus, it boasts zero tailpipe emissions.

The green stripes are a nice touch, right?

  • Image Credit: Blood Shed Motors

Zombie 222 Electric Mustang

Blood Shed Motors is the result of a collaboration between NEDRA co-founder John "Plasma Boy" Wayland, the man who helped bring electric vehicle drag racing to the attention of the world with his unassuming White Zombie Datsun 1200 conversion and Austin, TX business man Mitch Medford, who've put together a small team of experts in their chosen fields.

The plan is to build a limited number of high-quality muscle car conversions on pristine (No restored rust buckets!) early Mustang, Camaro, and Barracuda platforms. Each can be customized according to buyer's wishes and blessed with its own serial number. The price tags will be in the eye-watering $200,000-and-up neighborhood, reflective of the cost and rarity of these cars and the custom nature of the alterations.

  • Image Credit: Blood Shed Motors

Zombie 222 Electric Mustang motors

The heart and soul of the Zombie 222 Electric Mustang consists of twin Warp 11 electric motors and Zilla controllers. That's enough for well over 750 horsepower.
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