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Motor City Viper Club and the Viper Club of America

Most couples have big celebrations a few times a year for things like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Not Wayne and D'Ann Rauh of Arp, Texas. The couple just celebrated their 79th... Viper.

The couple own the largest single collection of Dodge Viper sports cars in the world, having just collected two more straight from the factory. The special-ordered coupes are customized just for the Rauhs, and you can see them in our image gallery above.

Dodge SRT Viper Information

Dodge SRT Viper
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Brown and purple Dodge Vipers

On Friday, July 24, 2015, the couple visited the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit to receive keys to not one, but two new customized "1 of 1" Dodge Viper GTC models, making them proud owners of a total of 79 Dodge Vipers.

The Viper on the left belongs to Wayne Rauh, and it's painted in a sort of root-beer brown with black racing stripes. Click over to the next slide for a closer look at the other brightly colored Viper.

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The Rauh's purple Dodge Viper

The majority of this massive collection of Dodge Vipers belongs to D'Ann, and her latest is painted in a rather striking shade of purple with white racing stripes.

It may seem like an odd color combination for a car with a massive V10 engine and supercar performance, but D'Ann surely has any number of Viper models painted in all manner of appropriate reds, blues and blacks.

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Gold Dodge Viper

D'Ann Rauh took home this golden Viper in 2010. It was the 40th Dodge Viper in her collection, and it was a specially ordered vehicle with custom paint, custom leather interior and forged five-spoke alloy wheels.
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Custom gold Dodge Viper delivery

The Rauh family is well-known to Viper fans all over the United States. Members from both the Motor City Viper Club and the Viper Club of America participated in the celebration when D'Ann was handed the keys to her 40th Viper.

Rauh's Viper is the last of the current-generation Vipers built at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit.
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Custom brown and purple Viper delivery

As Dodge puts it, "Viper owners Wayne and D'Ann Rauh elevate Viper Nation enthusiasm to a whole new level." We certainly wouldn't argue with that. Here's the happy couple accepting the keys to their two newest supercars.
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