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Ward's 10 Best Engines of 2015

According to Ward's, these are the criteria for its annual 10 Best Engines list:

"To be eligible for the Ward's 10 Best Engines competition, an engine or propulsion system must be all-new or significantly re-engineered and available in the U.S. market with a base price not exceeding $60,000."

And how does judging and scoring happen? Again, we'll let Ward's explain:

"Eight WardsAuto editors drove the vehicles in October and November in their routine daily commutes around metro Detroit. Editors scored each engine based on power, torque, technology, observed fuel economy, relative competitiveness and noise, vibration and harshness characteristics."

This year's list of engines and the vehicles they power runs the gamut from small, economical hatchbacks through high-tech electric cars, hydrogen fuel-cell crossovers, diesel-powered pickups and all the way to supercharged muscle cars. Check out all of Ward's 10 Best Engines of 2015 by scrolling through our gallery.
  • Image Credit: Dodge

127-kW Electric Motor (BMW i3 electric vehicle)

MSRP: $41,350
Fuel Mileage: 80-100 miles of EV range

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1.0L Turbocharged DOHC 3-cyl. (Ford Fiesta)

MSRP: $14,855
Fuel Mileage: 27 City / 38 Highway

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  • Image Credit: Ram

1.5L Turbocharged DOHC 3-cyl. (Mini Cooper)

MSRP: $20,700
Fuel Mileage: 29 City / 40 Highway

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  • Image Credit: Volkswagen

2.0L Turbocharged DOHC H-4 (Subaru WRX)

MSRP: $26,295
Fuel Mileage: 21 City / 28 Highway

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  • Image Credit: Volvo

2.0L Turbocharged DOHC 4-cyl. (Volvo S60)

MSRP: $33,300
Fuel Mileage: 25 City / 37 Highway

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