• Maybe you want to save the planet. Maybe you want to save a little more from your pocketbook each month. Now, the electric variants of those once quirky, funny looking scooters have become one of the most popular buys of 2008, providing a largely hassle-free and cheap form of urban transport for many looking to minimize their carbon footprint and gas costs. We've chosen 8 popular electric scooter models to see what kind of fit they would be for you. So what are you waiting for? Jump on!
  • The Hipster: Go-Ped ESR 750
    MSRP: $999
    The original step-on lo-fi motor scooter has been improved once again this year with a new electric motor that's capable of reaching a top speed of over 20mph. It uses four 12 volt SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries. Turbo mode allows faster travel in a five-mile range, which the economy setting allows eight miles. It weighs 52 pounds and its aircraft quality Chromyl frame will hold up to 400 pounds.
  • The Highway Patrol: Vectrix
    MSRP: $9,395
    Rhode Island Police Officers are putting these to the test in a three-month pilot program announced in July -- officers like them for their ability to maintain mobility and personal contact with residents. This more substantial highway-legal scooter, with dimensions more akin to a regular full-size motorbike, will take about seven seconds to top out at 62 mph. Remarkably, it costs just one cent per mile to operate.
  • The Light Commuter: HCF 737 Pacelite
    MSRP: Approx. $699
    The Pacelight is a combination step-on/ride-on scooter that folds for easy transportation or storage. All aluminum alloy frame is light at 60 pounds and will carry up to 240 pounds. It'll zoom to almost 15 mph and gets about 13 miles per charge. It packs two 24 volt SLA batteries and favored by riders for its reliability. Its 12.5 inch wheels and dual suspension are ideal for rough ground.
  • Modern Living: Vespa Hybrid
    MSRP: Expect in the $10,000 range
    So we're cheating a little as this is a hybrid that utilizes a gas-burning engine. It may look cumbersome with two wheels, but the sturdy look and feel has proven popular and reports suggest the company is considering a four-wheel model. Piaggio says it'll wring 60 miles out of a liter of fuel and the electric motor, powered by a lithium battery, has a 20-mile range with a top speed of 20 mph. Range will include a 500cc gas motor alongside a 125cc variant.
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