• 20th Century Fox commissioned two Black Beauties for The Green Hornet television show

  • Dean Jeffries chose the 1966 Chyrsler Imperial as a base vehicle, then threw a Mythbusters episode full of gadgets at it...

  • He had 30 days to get them both done. When the #2 car came back to him in 1993 in wretched condition, he spent two years restoring it

  • The sail panel was extended 14 inches to create a more limo-like profile from the side. Otherwise, only the door handles have been changed in the side profile

  • The rotating headlights revealed a green set for Kato's infra-green vision

  • To the left of the rockets, note the retractable rams that were deployed to hold the car upside down on the rotating table in The Green Hornet's garage

  • The Imperial's actual roofline was untouched, only the sides extended. Note the cutouts for shooting bad guys behind

  • Another gun in back shot oil, grease or smoke

  • Keystone Alloys with Green Hornet center caps

  • Dean Jeffries built the only two original Black Beauties in The Green Hornet TV show. Others, such as those built by George Barris, were replicas

  • A truly mobile phone...

  • Behind the center armrest in the back seat...

  • in case The Green Hornet needed to design a bridge... or something...

  • The gadget panel built into a cabinet behind the front bench. Toggles, anyone?

  • A second screen in the back seat. Like we said, The Green Hornet loved tracking things...

  • another panel of buttons to control the working gadgets

  • If the gadgets didn't cut it, there were always guns - two of them hid in compartments in the C-pillar...

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