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    Today, many drivers employ the service of Google Maps to help them get where they need to go. A while ago, Google launched an ambitious project to photograph the streets of the world in order to allow a person to see exactly where they were going before they even left the house.

    To do so, Google sent out numerous vehicles armed with cameras that took pictures at specific intervals as they drove down the streets.

    While Google was quite successful in mapping out areas with the project, the nature of the project also had an unintended result: The capturing of candid scenes of daily life throughout the world.

    Thus, as people have perused locations using Google Street View over the past few years, they have stumbled on some remarkable, bizarre and downright creepy images. We've compiled a few of our favorites, featured on, for your enjoyment.

  • Good Day, Sir
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    Good Day, Sir

    This is probably the most refined Prius we have seen, though the owner really should put a monocle over one headlight to complete the package.

  • Taking Out The Trash?
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    Taking Out The Trash?

    We sincerely hope that these are siblings playing a nice, innocent game together.

  • Some Tricky Driving
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    Some Tricky Driving

    That's pretty darn impressive, if rather unsafe. Do not try this at home, kids.

  • The Line To ...
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    The Line To ...

    This must be a shot of an Apple store during the iPhone 4S release.

  • Protest Beer
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    Protest Beer

    We don't know what this beer is protesting, but we're willing to listen to whatever tasty, frothy thing it has to say.

  • A Family Outing
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    A Family Outing

    Where is Dad supposed to sit?

  • Smart Biking
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    Smart Biking

    This guy knows what he is doing. The roof makes sure he's not going to get wet or too hot in the sun.

  • Traffic Cluster
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    Traffic Cluster

  • Feeling Stabby
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    Feeling Stabby

    We're sure he's just on his way to his whittling class. Nothing to see here, move along ...

  • Breaking In
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    Breaking In

    Breaking into a car in broad daylight in full view of the public is no way to go through life, son.

  • Trippy Building
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    Trippy Building

    This is actually not a camera malfunction. It's just a very wavy building that's sure to give its visitors a nice headache.

  • And Suddenly ... Lizard
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    And Suddenly ... Lizard

    That is all.

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