The ultimate decor for the classy car enthusiast
  • The ultimate decor for the classy car enthusiast
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International

    The ultimate decor for the classy car enthusiast

    Are you a wealthy car enthusiast looking for some beautiful, authentic automotive memorabilia to showcase in your house, or more likely garage? If so, you may be interested in the results of an auction with some truly fantastic automotive-related posters.

    Poster Auctions International auctioned off a wide array of posters from the 1900s to the 1950s. Among them are some beautiful advertisements for cars, parts, and events. They feature rich colors and loads of style, and they're all real posters, not reprints.

    We've picked seven of our favorites from the auction, but there are many others, like the one for a grand prix shown here. The auction also featured travel posters, propaganda, and more. The pricing was pretty high for the average car enthusiast, but even if you were priced out of these images, you can still appreciate the artwork. Click on to see our favorites.

  • 1955 Monaco Grand Prix
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International

    1955 Monaco Grand Prix

    The first on our list is a poster for what is arguably the most famous race in motorsport history, the Monaco Grand Prix. The poster's trailing lines and streaks give a great sense of speed. There are great details like the brakes and brake line. The starting bid on this one was $1,600.
  • 1900 Gladiator
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International

    1900 Gladiator

    Are you not entertained by this poster? Sorry, we couldn't resist the opportunity. Also, how great is a name like Gladiator for a vehicle? It's amazing that it hasn't appeared on more cars since this one. There has been plenty of time, too, since this poster dates back to 1900. Maybe Jeep should consider giving the Gladiator name to the new Wrangler pick-up. After all, the company did it for the 2005 Wrangler pick-up concept

    Poster Auctions International started this auction at $800. 

  • Michelin
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International


    Look at Bibendum (the Michelin Man)! Look how happy he is! He's so colorful, too, and the color really stands out against the black background. There isn't a specific date associated with this advertisement, but it is signed by the man who created it, Jacques Ariac. The starting price for the brightest Bibendum in the world was $1,300.
  • 1923 Voisin Automobiles
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International

    1923 Voisin Automobiles

    You've got to respect the minimalism of this Voisin ad. All the company felt was necessary was a modest, simplistic image of their car, and the name of the company. Above is a void, which perhaps represents the infinite possible places a Voisin could take you. This was one of the more expensive posters featured, starting at $8,500.
  • 1949 Brussels Auto Salon
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International

    1949 Brussels Auto Salon

    The automobile literally looms large in this advertisement. It's for the 32nd auto show in Brussels taking place in 1949. This was a big event. According to Poster Auctions International, this was to be the first car show in Belgium after World War II. The poster started at $1,300.
  • 1925 Texaco
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International

    1925 Texaco

    This bright and bold Texaco ad comes to us from 1925. There isn't much going on here, but it makes it abundantly clear what Texaco is all about with the gas can pouring oil or fuel all over the Texaco logo. It's amazing how little the design has changed over the years, as well. This was a high dollar poster, too, with a starting price of $11,000.
  • 1910 Magneto G.A.
    • Image Credit: Poster Auctions International

    1910 Magneto G.A.

    On this advertisement for magnetos, we have a thoroughly fascinating character. He's got a fancy silk top hat, checked overalls, an umbrella, and wings. Clearly he is the best person to buy a magneto to power your spark plugs. And look at the variety, he has magnetos for cars new, old, small, and large. This poster from 1910 started at $700.
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