• Designed and manufactured to operate solely on propane while providing the same horsepower, torque and drivability of an F-150 equipped with a gasoline powered engine.
  • The LPI fuel rail assembly is made up of two fuel rails, an insulated cross-over, a combined pressure/temperature sensor, and a service port. The system is designed to provide data to the engine computer and to deliver precise fuel control.
  • The billet aluminum liquid propane injection fuel rail includes the unique propane liquid injectors and special nozzles to direct the fuel to the split intake ports of the 3-valve engine.
  • For customers who need extra range, the 50 gallon in-bed fuel tank is available as an optional replacement for the toroidal tank. All other components remain the same.
  • The 20 gallon fuel tank assembly includes a special high flow fuel pump, dual filters, and the required control valves needed to run the engine. It also contains the fuel level sender and the electronic auto stop fill system. Fuel is also filtered prior to entering the tank.
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