Land Rover Range Rover Holland and Holland
  • Land Rover Range Rover Holland and Holland
    • Image Credit: Range Rover

    Land Rover Range Rover Holland and Holland

    Sticker Price: £180,000 ($285,000 US)
    Fuel Economy: 14 mpg City, 19 mpg Highway

    Nobody expects a Range Rover to be cheap. Sure, the Evoque, the Land Rover's smallest and least-expensive model to date, has made the entry point into Range Rover ownership a bit lower than before, but the big Range Rover, the SUV we most commonly associate with the luxurious British marque, starts at $83,495 in the United States.

    That's certainly pricey, but it pales in comparison to the classically British Racing Green Range Rover you see on these pages. Created in collaboration with Holland & Holland, another storied British brand that more often plays with guns, this particular special edition model will cost the equivalent of $285,000. Land Rover plans to build just 40 of these super luxurious sport utility vehicles per year, and they will only be available in the United Kingdom – for now, at least.

    Scroll through our slideshow to see what makes this, the most expensive Range Rover ever sold new, so special, including the included portable gun cabinet installed in the boot.

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  • Executive Class Reclining Seats
    • Image Credit: Land Rover

    Executive Class Reclining Seats

    This special Range Rover's interior has been fitted with Executive Class reclining seats in buttery soft tan and brown leather, and it's based on the extended-wheelbase model, meaning there is plenty of room to spread out.

    You'll also notice a redesigned center console with electrically deployed walnut tables and French walnut trim carved from a single slab of wood to ensure the veneer is perfectly matched.
  • Portable Gun Cabinet In The Boot
    • Image Credit: Land Rover

    Portable Gun Cabinet In The Boot

    Here's what Land Rover has to say about the surprise hiding in the luggage area of its most expensive Ranger Rover:

    "A stunning leather-trimmed aluminium loadspace cabinet - debossed with the Holland & Holland logo - has been designed especially for this car. Its espresso Alcantara-trimmed interior can be precisely fitted to safely transport the owner of the car's pair of Holland & Hollands - although it is also removable when maximum luggage capacity is required.

    It sits on a deployable loadspace floor, engineered from aluminium and carbon fibre and finished with leather and wood veneer. The floor components are machined and cut to produce a unique platform that slides out with a perfectly damped action, to ensure that the cabinet is easily accessible, even when the tailgate is open. The sliding floor is also designed to be load-bearing so that it can still be sat upon when owners wish to change their footwear or stop for a brief picnic. When floor and box are in their travel position, they sit low and well back in the boot to ensure that there is still plenty of room for luggage or sports equipment."

  • Sustainably Sourced French Walnut Wood
    • Image Credit: Land Rover

    Sustainably Sourced French Walnut Wood

    The exquisitely engraved center console panel seen here, which the brand says has been inspired by Holland & Holland's distinctive forend diamonds, sits nestled in sustainably sourced French walnut wood.
  • Scroll-Engraved Door Handles
    • Image Credit: Land Rover

    Scroll-Engraved Door Handles

    Here is a closer look at the acanthus scroll engraving performed on the inner door handles.
  • Engraved Door Sills
    • Image Credit: Land Rover

    Engraved Door Sills

    Daryl Greatrex, managing director of Holland & Holland, had this to say: "This project represents two great British brands working together to produce a car that perfectly represents our shared brand values. Stunning form and perfect functionality unite in a car that is supremely fit for purpose."

    No wonder the firearm producer was willing to have its name engraved in several spots in the Range Rover, including on the door sills.
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