• Before
    • Before
    • After
    • With the front wheel off, we were able to remove the three, 18 mm lower strut bolts.
    • Removed the three, 13 mm bolts holding the strut top to the tower and were able to pull the whole strut/spring combo out.
    • Adjusting the arms to hold the spring firmly in place.
    • Laying the bolt back on before reusing the top hat on the new H&R unit.
    • Putting the new strut through the bottom of the spring, held in by the press.
    • Bump-stop!
    • Okay. Everything is where it should be and we can install the strut and top hat to the spring.
    • With everything tight up top, fit the brake and hub to the strut.
    • The brake and ABS line clip should be removed from the stock strut and fitted to the threaded dowel on the H&R unit.
    • In order to get to the strut towers in the rear, you have to remove the majority of the carpeting in the trunk. Be patient, but firm. It will come out, but take care not to rip any of the carpeting and be sure to remove the wire that actuates the fuel filler door.
    • Remove the 18mm lower shock bolt.
    • While we can't entirely recommend pulling out the rear spring with a pry bar, but it works and it's even quicker when you pry from the bottom. Afterwards, you can get a monkey to put pressure on the rotor so you can install the new spring.
    • You can pry the rubber dust cap off, assuming it didn't come out when you pulled it through the shock tower.
    • Unscrew the 17 mm nut and transfer it over to the new strut...
    • Piece it together.
    • Complete!
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