• Imagine hitting a rusty jack stand at speed. Needless to say, we were lucky -- both from the minimal amount of damage and the fact that it didn't launch into the windshield. That large puddle is power steering fluid.
  • We're replacing the two lines the lead into/out of the power steering reservoir. They should be in my hands by this afternoon and installed by the end of the week.
  • Having friends with spare bits of aluminum and fabrication skills rocks. Props to Casey and Brad for making the trick radiator mounts. Yes, they're solid.
  • The auxiliary fan was ripped to shreds, so we ditched it and the engine fan for an aftermarket electric unit. It should free up a few more ponies and was a snap to install. Unfortunately, we didn't bring our camera to the shop when we installed the fan, but there are plenty of guides lying around BMW-specific forums on how to perform the install.
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