• Bugatti Type 64 chassis #64002, the second of three Type 64 chassis ever built at the factory. Not the background renderings of the proposed Art Center/Stuart Reed Coupe coachwork.
  • Good look at the balsa-wood placeholder. This gives you an idea of where the finished lines will be.
  • The Type 64 chassis is the same length as the Type 57 Chassis, though wider, lighter and stronger.
  • Note the non-horseshoe grill, similar to the Type 57SC
  • Mullin Automotive Curator Andrew Reilly showing off the proposed gullwings
  • Sporting leaf springs and dampers, the Type 64 sits on the cusp of old and new
  • About the most beautiful radiator cap you're likely to see
  • Everyone loves wire wheels with knock off hubs.
  • The straight-eight, DOHC 4.4-liter V8 produced 170 horsepower in 1939
  • An exceedingly beautiful fuel rail
  • Very interesting: a finned exhaust header. With eight cylinders dumping into one tube, every bit of cooling counts
  • Elegant yet relatively primitive steering box. Note the cotter pins holding the nuts in place. The fancier the Bugatti, the more cotter pins you'll find.
  • Part of the frame, and part of the exceedingly pretty intake manifold

  • Leaf springs, dampers and locating arms
  • Looks comfy
  • Four speed manual is a step up from the Type 57 three speed gear box
  • Check out that steam punk rear end! This might be the world's best looking pumpkin. Also, as is the Bugatti way, notice how there's a bout twenty bolts holding the rear axle in place -- per side
  • New old stock Jaeger gauges
  • Winning Art Center clay model of the Bugatti Type 64 Coupe
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