• Moms have spoken: The minivan is no longer their car of choice.

    Over the past decade, sales of the car once synonymous with ‘family hauler’ have plummeted. In 2000, 1.37 million minivans were sold in the United States. Last year, sales barely topped a measly half million.

    Ford and General Motors no longer make minivans at all. Minivan sales are down another 10 percent so far this year, reports CNBC, even though the overall market is up 8.4 percent.

    Mother’s Day weekend is upon us, so we thought it was the perfect time to not only make note of the mom-minivan exodus, but to also dole out some advice. Moms may know what they’re taking off their car-shopping lists. Here’s a few cars they can add in their place.

  • 5. Honda Accord

    5. Honda Accord

    Sticker price: $21,680 to $33,430
    Invoice: $19,849 to $30,567
    Fuel economy: 24 city/34 highway

    Fads like the minivan have come and gone throughout the history of the auto industry. The sedan has been a constant.

    And right now, there aren’t many better than the Accord, which has been at or near the top of its class for the better part of two decades. There aren’t many more reliable cars. There aren’t many more that get 34 miles per gallon on the highway.

    What’s new in the latest version is a sportier drive. We really like the responsive, agile driving dynamics now offered. A backup rear-view camera also comes standard.

  • 3. Ford Flex

    3. Ford Flex

     Sticker price: $31,100 to $44,120
     Invoice: $29,312 to $41,143
     Fuel economy: 18 city/25 highway

    In recent years, the Flex has been a terrific alternative for parents who want a third row of seats without the stigma of a minivan along with them.

    It’s powered by a 285-horsepower, V6 engine and comes with 83.2 cubic feet of cargo room. It may be the only car on the market that is more boxy than a Volvo, but the exterior styling on the Flex also looks plenty rugged.

    We like its look and performance. Six airbags come standard. The ride is quiet. The only demerit here is Ford’s pesky MyFord Touch infotainment system.

  • 1. Buick Encore

    1. Buick Encore

    Sticker price: $24,200 to $29,690
    Invoice: $23,232 to $28,502
    Fuel economy: 25 city/33 highway

    When Buick launched this smaller crossover, experts weren’t quite sure what to make of this miniature version of the brand’s Enclave. Buyers knew exactly what to make of it.

    The fuel-efficient crossover has been a brisk seller in its first few months on the market, selling more than 7,000 units. We suspect this is a perfect vehicle for moms, who will appreciate the quiet ride, leather interior in top two trim levels, ability to fit two kids in the roomy rear seats and cargo room to spare.

    Most importantly, perhaps, the Encore comes with 10 standard airbags.

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