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The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released its popular Hot Wheels report — its list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in the United States. The report examines vehicle theft data submitted by law enforcement to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). The report included the top ten most stolen vehicles based on make and model in 2012.

Many of the cars on the list aren't overly surprising. Vehicles like the Toyota Camry and Ford F-Series are extremely popular, and the sheer number of them on the road means they are more likely to be stolen.

You can help protect yourself from theft by following NCIB's simple four layers of protection:

Use Common Sense: Lock your car and take your keys. Many thefts occur because owners make it easy for thieves to steal their cars.

Have A Warning Device: A visible or audible alarm can ensure that your car remains where you left it.

Use An Immobilizing Device: For the most part, if your vehicle can’t be started, it can’t be stolen.

Tracking Device: Tracking devices are very effective in helping the police recover stolen vehicles.

Click through to see the most commonly stolen cars last year:

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10. Nissan Maxima

2012 Total Thefts: 6,947

At nearly 7,000 total thefts, the Nissan Maxima kicks off the list at the number ten spot.
  • Image Credit: Nissan

9. Nissan Altima

2012 Total Thefts: 9,169

Another Nissan, the popular Altima midsize sedan, made the list with just more than 9,000 total thefts.
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8. Acura Integra

2012 Total Thefts: 9,555

The sporty Acura Integra is a favorite among thieves. In 2012, 9,555 were stolen.
  • Image Credit: Chrysler

7. Dodge Ram

2012 Total Thefts: 11,755

The Dodge Ram is one of the most popular pickups in the country. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most stolen.
  • Image Credit: Chrysler

6. Dodge Caravan

2012 Total Thefts: 11,799

Nearly 12,000 Dodge Caravan minivans were stolen in 2012. It's not a sexy car, but thieves seem to target it nonetheless.
  • Image Credit: Toyota

5. Toyota Camry

2012 Total Thefts: 16,251

As the most popular car in America, it makes sense that the Camry would make the list. The sheer number of them on the road renders a lot of thefts inevitable.
  • Image Credit: GM

4. Chevrolet Silverado

2012 Total Thefts: 23,745

Chevrolet's highly capable pickup is a major target for theft. Over 23,000 were stolen in 2012.
  • Image Credit: Ford

3. Ford F-Series

2012 Total Thefts: 26,770

The Ford F-Series is the best selling vehicle in the country so, like the Camry, odds are that a lot of them will be stolen.
  • Image Credit: Honda

2. Honda Civic

2012 Total Thefts: 47,037

More than 47,000 Civics were stolen in 2012. If you own one of these small sedans, we recommend vigilance.
  • Image Credit: Honda

1. Honda Accord

2012 Total Thefts: 58,596

The popular Honda Accord was the most stolen car in 2012 with a remarkable 58,596 thefts. 
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