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Mercedes-Benz Metris midsize van

There is still a lot we don't know about the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Metris midsize van, such as how much it will cost, what, exactly, configurations it will be offered in – how many seats, with how much cargo area? – or what it's exact on-sale date will be.

What we do know, however, is that while Mercedes is calling the Metris a "commercial" van, it will offer the new model in passenger- and cargo-van specification when it goes on sale in the fall of 2015. That means such vans as the Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Caravan, Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna will have another competitor for family-hauling supremacy, and work-specific machines like the Ford Transit, Nissan NV series and Ram Promaster will need to look over their shoulders for cargo duty.

In any effort to get consumers revved up for a new midsize van in the United States, Mercedes brought four custom creations to the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Scroll through our gallery to see all the potential ways to transform the Mercedes Metris into everything from a luxurious rolling office to a mobile party hotspot.
  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Fire Chief van by Rado

The first van in Mercedes' so-called "Mission Metris" is this custom in red and silver from the tuners at Rado. Here's what the automaker has to say about the idea behind this machine:

RADO: Fire Chief Concept Truck

"Because Vans offer some of the finest dimensions for mobile command units for various local or national government agencies, this concept is a rolling communications center that could transport a Fire Chief to all locations in many situations."

  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Luxury Van by HQ Custom Design

If you're the type of executive who values the finest luxury accommodations along with enough space to conduct a rolling board meeting, the Luxury Van concept by HQ Custom Design may be your perfect over-the-road office space. Here's the official description from Mercedes-Benz:

HQ Custom Design: Luxury Van

Luxury Van conversions are nothing new for Mercedes-Benz vans. This design is an ideal example of an inspired executive shuttle van that also offers the best in audio/visual that is surrounded by the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Mobile Golf Pro Shop by Garmin

The Mercedes-Benz Metris has more potential up its sleeve than just for the hauling of people. Well-known electronics manufacturer Garmin turned its Metris into a mobile golf shop. Says Mercedes:

Garmin: Mobile Golf Pro Shop

Golf lovers will love this rolling Pro Shop that features a high-tech golf simulator and infotainment system designed for both personal and merchandizing usage. Offering a Mobile Performance Center, this concept offers technology that helps players evaluate their golf game and simulate potential outcomes.
  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Party / DJ Van by RENNtech

Standing as the most extreme custom van shown by Mercedes at the 2014 SEMA Show is this mobile DJ platform and party van by respected Mercedes-Benz tuning firm RENNtech. Here's what the automaker has to say about this unique creation:

RENNtech: Party/DJ Van

A definite show-stopper van, this van offers a mobile DJ van that looks as good as it sounds. Featuring a clamshell style roof that opens and acts as a backdrop for a DJ, this van is true form and function in one package.
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