• Container doors are opened, the LFA awaits

  • The (Toyota) forklift approaches, placing the forks under the pallet but not all the way. A chain is hooked from the forklift load apron to a  crossmember on the pallet, and the pallet is pulled off.  Slowly

  • We were told that the car isn't shipped with protective film or a cover because its enamel paint takes weeks to dry, and its was decided to ship the car uncovered and clean it up on arrival than to let it sit for weeks in Japan to dry, or risk fabric or other foreign bodies getting embedded in the finish

  • A visual inspection of the car takes place. A few blemishes are found on this Pearl Blue LFA

  • The rear braces are bolted on in the rear and on the side. They are removed after the fronts

  • The LFA keys. Not as exciting as one might expect...

  • He gets in, delicately, to pop the rear glass, then exits to raise the rear glass and get to the battery, which is under a panel in the cargo area. He lays another fresh cloth over the C-pillar and leans in to connect the battery

  • Each pallet has a serial number, and once the Fujitrans depot has acquired five of them the bunch is sent back to Japan for the next five cars

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