• LaFontaine Toyota in Dearborn, MI
  • LaFontaine Toyota service department
  • A row of new Corollas in the shop ready to be updated.
  • Boxes of various sized shims.
  • "Precision machined reinforcing bars"
  • Reaching up under the dashboard of a Corolla to unbolt the gas pedal.
  • Checking the manufacturing date code on the pedal assembly. This unit does require an update.
  • A set of feeler gauges, strips of metal of calibrated thickness.
  • Doug Kropp checks the gap in the pedal assembly with the feeler gauge.
  • Toyota provides an instruction chart that specifies the shim thickness to use based on the measured gap.
  • Kropp pushes the shim into the pedal assembly with a screwdriver.
  • Kropp does a visual check to verify that the shim is properly seated.
  • Kropp re-installs the accelerator pedal and connects the diagnostic computer.
  • Another Toyota supplied instruction chart lists the voltages that the pedal position sensor should be outputting.
  • Master Toyota technician Doug Kropp explains the recall procedure.
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