• Oh, to dream
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

    Oh, to dream

    Fresh off its win as Autoblog's favorite vehicle debut from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, McLaren pushed out the configurator for its new 720S supercar. How could we resist?

    Click on the image above to see how our staff would configure a brand-new McLaren 720S, were they lucky enough to have the means to park one in their garage. As if...

  • Alex Kierstein
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    Alex Kierstein

    I think Paris Blue is a lovely, understated color for this car, which is wild enough to look very exotic without needing to be painted in a bright hue. The carbon fiber exterior dressing was a little too much for me, so I left the front intakes black. Likewise, the unfinished wheels were too flashy, and the black ones too dark, so I went with the Satin Diamond Cut finish. Inside, I went mainly Alcantara and regular finishes, with a few bits of exposed carbon fiber to subtly show off its structure. And the orange belts? I couldn’t help myself. They’re just cool.
  • David Gluckman
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    David Gluckman

    I went with Lantana Purple on "my" 720S Performance after Alex called dibs on Paris Blue. I figured it needed a touch of McLaren orange, so that's on the brake calipers and the seat belts. And this car has about half of the carbon-fiber options, but I tried to have some restraint so it doesn't look too tacky. No telemetry or cameras, because I don't think I'd actually use them, and I thought the glass upper door panels would be neat as long as you're not parking in the sun.
  • Greg Migliore
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    Greg Migliore

    I went with Memphis Red, carbon-fiber everything, and flashy wheels. I'm psyched to drive the 720S. I want to stand out.
  • Greg Rasa
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    Greg Rasa

    I went with McLaren Orange because any other color just wouldn't be right. Sprinkled carbon fiber accent bits here and there, but I did not go with the carbon hood because the more orange, the better. Did not opt for the Luxury or Performance variants, because my needs are simple: A plain old McLaren will suffice.
  • Jeremy Korzeniewski
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    Jeremy Korzeniewski

    This is not a subtle car in my book. I went with Azores, a kind of coppery orange, for the exterior, and added nearly every bit of carbon fiber available. I didn't care for the carbon hood, so I left that body color. To complete the stealth look, I opted for black wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires. It's already expensive, what's the harm in adding the Bowers & Wilkins sound system, carbon racing bucket seats, the track telemetry package, and 360-degree cameras?
  • Joel Stocksdale
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    Joel Stocksdale

    It was a tough choice between this color and the Lantana Purple, but I felt like I've seen purples before, and not so much this teal blue. It doesn't hurt that I now know that this color looks good on both an economy car like the Toyota C-HR, and a super car. I skipped the Performance model because I feel like simple clearcoated carbon fiber is overused now. There isn't any exposed carbon inside either. I did choose the heated seats just in case I feel like driving on a cool or cold day, and I kept the normal seats because I want to be able to drive longer distances or on daily trips in reasonable comfort. Also one of the reasons I stuck with the standard P Zeros, and the 12-speaker stereo. Also picked up the lap timer and cameras for odd track days. And on the practical front, I added a rear view camera because supercars just don't have good rear visibility, and I added floor mats to help manage the odd dirt and dust that gets in. Weirdly, I think I've been very practical in my impractical supercar build.
  • Michael Austin
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    Michael Austin

    Subtle, because this car doesn't need carbon fiber everything to remind you that it's special. And really, if I have good fortune to buy a 720S, I don't think I'll be chasing the extra grams gained from lighter-weight parts. So I went with body-color everything and a mostly-stock interior. Exceptions to that are B&W audio and heated, power seats. Both on the premise that again, if I own one I'm going to be driving it. A lot. And I want maximum comfort. I also threw in McLaren Orange seatbelts for a little flair. My only reservation is skipping parking aids and a camera to preserve the clean bodywork.
  • Reese Counts
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    Reese Counts

    Ever since the first McLaren P1 prototypes made their rounds, I've wanted to own a purple McLaren with black wheels. I checked all the performance boxes and left most of the carbon fiber trim pieces off. Yes on the upgraded stereo, hell yes on the lap timer, and so on with a few other creature comforts.
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