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    So you want a high-up driving position and high safety levels. Perhaps you want a roomy back seat for the kids or baby but also want room for them to grow. Maybe, just maybe, you want to venture off road. Regardless of why you want a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV), or cute-ute, gas mileage probably figures pretty highly on your list of a CUV's benefits.

    We took a look at the generally excellent mileage figures of the most popular crossovers on the market today, and saw how they stacked up. Here are ten of these crossovers that, in addition to being solid all-around vehicles, won't inflict too much pain at the pump.
  • 10. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

    10. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

    Sticker Price: $40,170 - $46,370
    Invoice Price: $36,956 - $42,428
    Fuel Economy: 28 mpg City, 28 mpg Highway

    With seating for up to seven people, a handsome exterior and 28 mpg combined, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a great choice for the family on the go. The hybrid powertrain greatly alleviates the pain at the pump generally inflicted by big SUVs.

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  • 8. Subaru Forester

    8. Subaru Forester

    Sticker Price: $21,995 - $32,995
    Invoice Price: $20,811 - $30,836
    Fuel Economy: 22 mpg City, 29 mpg Highway

    The compact Subaru Forester enjoys a big cult following, mainly due to its superb all-wheel drive system and safety features. The car is simply fantastic for northern climates. Its solid fuel economy numbers are icing on the cake.

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  • 6. Nissan Juke

    6. Nissan Juke

    Sticker Price: $18,990 - $25,990
    Invoice Price: $18,108 - $24,630
    Fuel Economy: 27 mpg City, 32 mpg Highway

    Yes, it's ugly. But it's ugly in an endearing and almost lovable way. The Juke looks like nothing else on the road and it's a lot of fun to drive. Its turbocharged engine and sporty driving dynamics combined with its fuel efficiency make the Juke a great option for commuting and tearing up some windy roads.

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  • 4. Buick Encore

    4. Buick Encore

    Sticker Price: $24,160 - $30,465
    Invoice Price: $23,194 - $29,246
    Fuel Economy: 25 mpg City, 33 mpg Highway

    The Buick Encore seemed like a ridiculous vehicle when it was announced. But driving it quickly changed our minds. This small crossover has been impressing critics and consumers all around the country with its interior appointments, fuel economy and value.

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  • 2. Mazda CX-5

    2. Mazda CX-5

    Sticker Price: $21,395 - $29,070
    Invoice Price: $20,784 - $28,233
    Fuel Economy: 26 mpg City, 35 mpg Highway

    The Mazda CX-5 is one of our favorite vehicles on the planet right now. Sharp looks, a nice interior, super sporty driving dynamics and very good fuel economy make it a very tantalizing package. It's one of the most highly rated crossovers across the board.

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