• The world's largest Fiat 500. Don't get too close, we were told.
  • Overheard: "Damn, those smart cars are small."
  • Orange you glad they make tinted tires now?
  • We sat behind Bob Lutz at the GM presser and resisted strong urges to scream "Down in front!"
  • Seen at the Lexus display: an LS460 made out of pewter.
  • The Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, affectionally dubbed the Huffenpuff by Autobloggers.
  • Whaaa??? This is why Mercedes-Benz doesn't make a CLS Wagon.
  • Very cool Segway video rig at the GM press conference.
  • Dodge + Fantastic Four = Really bad product placement
  • The biggest balls in all of Frankfurt.
  • Introducing designer seats.
  • 4/5 of the Autoblog crew: (nearest to furthest) Jonathon Ramsey, John Neff, Damon Lavrinc, Alberto Ballestin (Autoblog Spanish), and Frank Filipponio behind the camera.
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