• Technical Expert Ksenia Kozak studies the trajectories of research engineer Kevin Pline as he enters the vehicle compartment in the lab. Pline, outfitted with markers that track his body movement, is then questioned on the comfort of the compartment by Research Engineer Gianna Gomez-levi. (12/22/09)
  • Research engineer Kevin Pline, outfitted with sensors that track the movement of his body, is seated in the vehicle compartment in the HOPS lab. The compartment can be reconfigured to represent a wide variety of vehicles and study comfort levels of design. (12/22/09)
  • In the HOPS lab, a human test subject is outfitted with up to 50 motion capture sensors. He will then perform a series of movements while his trajectories are digitally recorded and loaded into a database. The database will be used to create digital human models. (12/22/09)
  • The Human Occupant Package Simulator lab uses motion capture technology to create digital human models, which help engineers determine how people of all shapes and sizes interact with all kinds of vehicle designs. (12/22/09)
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