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Consumer Reports' Least Reliable Vehicle Brands

When shopping for a brand-new vehicle, it's important to get something reliable. That's why this list of unreliable car companies from Consumer Reports is so helpful.

Each year, the team from Consumer Reports conducts the largest survey of people who have recently purchased new vehicles, and the results from the latest edition have just been released.

Click on the image above to see which vehicles earned the lowest scores.

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Number 10: Lincoln

The Lincoln brand's average reliability score of 43 places it 10th from the bottom in Consumer Reports' latest vehicle reliability study. Its most reliable vehicle is the Continental. Its least reliable is the MKZ, according to the magazine.
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Number 9: Dodge

In ninth place from the very bottom in Consumer Reports' latest manufacturer reliability rankings sits Dodge, with an overall rating of 40. Dodge's most reliable vehicle is the Charger, while its least is the Journey.
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Number 8: Jeep

Jeep is up one spot this year to rank as the eighth-least-reliable car company in America. Its least reliable vehicle, according to Consumer Reports, is the Compass. Its most reliable model is the Renegade.
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Number 7: Chevrolet

Chevrolet falls into the bottom 10 list this year with an overall score of 39. The fullsize Impala sedan is its most reliable nameplate; its worst is the Traverse, which was singled out as one of the least reliable vehicles overall this year by Consumer Reports.
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Number 6: Chrysler

Chrysler is once again in the bottom 10, according to Consumer Reports. Its overall reliability score of 38 puts it sixth from the bottom. The Pacifica is Chrysler's lowest-ranked model. Its most reliable nameplate is its 300 sedan.
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Number 5: GMC

GMC ranks as the fifth-least-reliable automaker in America, according to Consumer Reports, with an overall score of 37. Its best model is the Yukon, its worst is the heavy-duty Sierra 2500 pickup truck.
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Number 4: Ram

Ram was ranked as the least reliable brand last year, so this ranking of fourth from the bottom is an improvement. Its overall score was 35. Its most reliable vehicle is the 2500 version of its pickup truck while its least reliable – and the overall least reliable vehicle in America – is the 3500, according to Consumer Reports.
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Number 3: Tesla

Tesla dropped into the third-least-reliable position in 2018, according to Consumer Reports. The Model X, which appears on CR's list of the least reliable vehicles overall, is ranked as its worst vehicle while the Model 3, which is also its newest nameplate, is its best.
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Number 2: Cadillac

Cadillac falls into place as the second-least-reliable automaker in America. Consumer Reports says its least reliable vehicle is its ATS. Its most reliable is the XTS, the brand's largest sedan.
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Number 1: Volvo

With a score of 22, Volvo falls all the way into last place as the least reliable automaker overall in America for 2018. The S90 is ranked as the brand's least reliable vehicle. The XC60 sits as its best.
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