Genesis sedan under wraps
  • Genesis sedan under wraps
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    Best and Worst car brands

    The latest Consumer Reports ranking of automakers includes several surprises, including the nameplate at the very tippy top of the list. But some brands have it easier than others. This year's top brand only sells two models here in the United States – though more are on the way – while the second-highest-ranked brand offers everything from small sportscars to big, three-row SUVs.

    Consumer Reports surveyed the owners of more than 640,000 vehicles before producing these rankings. Without further ado, click on the image above to see which brands performed the best, and the worst.

    Last updated October, 2018

  • Genesis car logo
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    Best: Genesis

    The Genesis brand may be new, but this ranking is still impressive. And while it may only offer two models for sale here in the United States, more are on the way. Put simply, there's a lot to look forward to from this Korean luxury brand.
  • Audi logo
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    Second Best: Audi

    Unlike Genesis, Audi sells a full line of models here in the United States. That makes its second-place ranking very impressive, and it probably holds meaning for a lot more potential buyers. Audi's overall score of 80 is just one point down from Genesis.
  • The 67th IAA Frankfurt Automobile Show Day Two
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    Third Best: BMW

    BMW is the second German automaker on this list, and it lands just one point below Audi to earn a solid third place in Consumer Reports' brand rankings for 2018. And, like Audi, BMW offers a full range of cars, crossovers, and SUVs, including several that are either fully electric or at least capable of plugging in for reasonable electric-only range.
  • Lexus grille
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    Fourth Best: Lexus

    The Lexus name has long been synonymous with quality and reliability, and this year's fourth-place ranking isn't going to change that reputation. An overall score of 77 puts Lexus just behind BMW and Audi in Consumer Reports' overall score for 2018.
  • Porsche badge
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    Fifth Best: Porsche

    Porsche is the third German automaker to show up in Consumer Reports' top five best automakers for 2018. With an overall score of 77, Porsche actually tied Lexus in the ratings. But a lower expected reliability score puts Porsche in fifth.
  • Mitsubishi logo
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    Fifth Worst: Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi is the lowest-ranked Japanese automaker on Consumer Reports' scorecards for 2018, with an overall score of 50. A solid predicted reliability score can't overcome poor customer satisfaction or low vehicle test scores, earning Mitsubishi a spot as the fifth-lowest ranked car company of 2018.
  • Alfa Romeo logo
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    Fourth Worst: Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo earned very high owner satisfaction ratings, and pretty good scores from Consumer Reports' vehicle testers. But those positives weren't enough to overcome a terrible projected reliability ranking. In the end, Alfa Romeo falls into 31st place, with just three brands ranked lower.
  • Land Rover grille and badge
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    Third Worst: Land Rover

    With a terrible expected reliability score and middling owner satisfaction, Land Rover falls all the way into the 32nd spot on this year's automaker rankings from Consumer Reports. Only two brands scored worse.
  • Jeep emblem
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    Second Worst: Jeep

    Jeep's may be known for going places most other automobiles wouldn't dare to tread, but they aren't really known for their reliability. With an overall score of 48, Jeep is the second-lowest automaker from Consumer Reports for 2018. Click over to the next slide to see which car company is ranked dead last.
  • Fiat badge
    • Image Credit: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Worst: Fiat

    Surprised? No, neither were we. Fiat has been at the bottom of the rankings from Consumer Reports for the last several years, and 2018 is no different. With poor expected reliability and low owner satisfaction, Fiat falls to the very bottom of the rankings yet again.
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