Which SUVs Qualify For Cash for Clunkers Discounts?

If you're shopping for Cash for Clunkers discounts and have an SUV on your shopping list, we've rounded up the eligible vehicles. Our list of the top qualifying SUVs is based on the top 10 selling vehicle brands. Click to see the full list.
  • Image Credit: Ford

Ford Escape

MSRP: $20,515 - $27,020
Invoice: $19,373 - $25,089
Fuel Economy: 28 mpg Hwy, 22 mpg City

The benchmark Ford Escape is a mid-size sport-utility vehicle with credentials that make it equally suited to urban commutes or weekend off-road outings. The Escape is available in XLS, XLT or Limited trims with either front or four-wheel drive
  • Image Credit: Honda

Honda CR-V

MSRP: $21,245 - $27,245
Invoice: $19,778 - $25,342
Fuel Economy: 27 mpg Hwy, 20 mpg City

The benchmark Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV that delivers a balance of style, versatility and comfort, along with a high level of safety technology. The five-passenger CR-V is available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations, each with a choice of three trim levels: LX, EX and EX-L.
  • Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota RAV4

MSRP: $21,500 - $27,810
Invoice: $20,103 - $25,585
Fuel Economy: 28 mpg Hwy, 22 mpg City

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the compact SUVs that created this class. It has become bigger in recent years and provides more outstanding features that allow it to be an even more useful family vehicle.
  • Image Credit: Honda

Honda Pilot

MSRP: $27,895 - $38,645
Invoice: $25,282 - $34,996
Fuel Economy: 22 mpg Hwy, 16 mpg City

The Honda Pilot is a powerful crossover SUV, engineered for quality and durability, as well as high levels of functionality and comfort. It features unit body construction and a fully independent suspension, providing a more car-like driving experience with crisp, predictable handling and a smooth ride.
  • Image Credit: Ford

Ford Edge

MSRP: $26,920 - $35,770
Invoice: $25,407 - $33,191
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg Hwy, 17 mpg City

The Ford Edge is a five-passenger crossover sport utility that answers the call for a roomy vehicle with utility and style. It isn't a truck. Nor is it a minivan. Yet it's more than a car. All Ford Edge models are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 265 horsepower, and a six-speed automatic transmission.
  • Image Credit: Chevrolet

Chevrolet Traverse

MSRP: $29,215 - $41,975
Invoice: $27,608 - $39,666
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg Hwy, 17 mpg City

The Chevrolet Traverse crossover utility vehicle combines the smooth ride and responsive handling of a car with the cargo capability and high seating position of a traditional truck-based sport utility vehicle.
  • Image Credit: Hyundai

Hyundai Santa Fe

MSRP: $21,695 - $30,545
Invoice: $20,861 - $28,657
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg Hwy, 17 mpg City

The Hyundai Santa Fe crossover is a stylish family vehicle that has the ability to transport up to seven passengers when properly equipped. The Santa Fe is available in front- or all-wheel drive, both with three trim levels: GLS, SE, and Limited.
  • Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota Highlander

MSRP: $25,705 - $34,520
Invoice: $23,134 - $31,067
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg Hwy, 18 mpg City

The Toyota Highlander is a seven-passenger mid-size sport utility vehicle, engineered with Toyota's legendary quality and designed to stand out. A smooth performer, the Highlander also provides a spacious, flexible interior and progressive safety technologies.
  • Image Credit: Lexus

Lexus RX 350

MSRP: $36,800 - $38,200
Invoice: $32,752 - $33,998
Fuel Economy: 25 mpg Hwy, 18 mpg City

The Lexus RX 350 was one of the first sedan-based, luxury utility vehicles, and it remains one of the best. This crossover is impressively smooth, comfortable, responsive in all driving situations and flexible when it comes to hauling people or cargo.
  • Image Credit: Kia

Kia Sportage

MSRP: $16,695 - $23,400
Invoice: $15,895 - $21,850
Fuel Economy: 25 mpg Hwy, 20 mpg City

The Kia Sportage is renowned for being an affordable compact SUV. It offers a comprehensive set of safety features, excellent versatility, and tremendous value. The Sportage is a five passenger vehicle that comes in two trims: LX and EX. The choice of front-wheel or four-wheel drive is available for both trim levels.
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