10. Ford Edge
  • 10. Ford Edge

    10. Ford Edge

    June 2009 Sales: 7,729
    Change vs. June 2008: -22.7%
    MSRP: $26,920 - $35,770

    The Ford Edge is a five-passenger crossover sport utility that answers the call for a roomy vehicle with utility and style. It isn't a truck. Nor is it a minivan. Yet it's more than a car. All Ford Edge models are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 265 horsepower, and a six-speed automatic transmission.
  • 10. Ford Edge
    • Image Credit: Honda

    10. Ford Edge

    June 2009 Sales: 7,729
    Change vs. June 2008: -22.7%
    MSRP: $26,920 - $35,770

    Front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive is available. For 2010, a new Limited Interior appearance package will be available.
  • 9. Honda Pilot
    • Image Credit: Honda

    9. Honda Pilot

    June 2009 Sales: 8,171
    Change vs. June 2008: 12.2%
    MSRP: $27,895 - $38,645

    It features unit body construction and a fully independent suspension, providing a more car-like driving experience with crisp, predictable handling and a smooth ride.
  • 8. GMC Sierra

    8. GMC Sierra

    June 2009 Sales: 9,014
    Change vs. June 2008: -27.4%
    MSRP: $19,375 - $44,020

    The Sierra is a full-size pickup truck that is nearly identical to the Silverado but features more mature styling. There are four engine sizes: 4.3-liter V-6, 4.8-liter V-8, 5.3-liter V-8 and 6.0-liter V-8; all are controlled by a four-speed automatic.
  • 7. Toyota Tacoma

    7. Toyota Tacoma

    May 2009 Sales: 10,162
    Change vs. May 2008: -41.4%
    MSRP: $15,170 - $27,075

    The Tacoma is a compact pick up that offers a comfortable cab, a refined ride, responsive handling, proven off-road capability, and quality construction. It's available in Regular Cab, Access Cab and Double Cab body styles, in either two or four wheel drive.
  • 6. Toyota RAV4

    6. Toyota RAV4

    June 2009 Sales: 10,054
    Change vs. June 2008: 4.8%
    MSRP: $21,500 - $27,810

    The Toyota RAV4 is one of the compact SUVs that created this class. It has become bigger in recent years and provides more outstanding features that allow it to be an even more useful family vehicle.
  • 5. Honda CRV

    5. Honda CRV

    June 2009 Sales: 13,720
    Change vs. June 2008: -13.1%
    MSRP: $21,245 - $27,245

    The CR-V is a compact crossover SUV that delivers a balance of style, versatility and comfort, along with a high level of safety technology. It's available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive each with a choice of three trim levels: LX, EX and EX-L.
  • 4. Dodge Ram

    4. Dodge Ram

    June 2009 Sales: 14,478
    Change vs. June 2008: -10.3%
    MSRP: $21,520 - $43,490

    The Dodge Ram 1500 offers bold styling, big power and many creature comforts, making it ideal for work and play. It provides something for everyone with the choice of three engines, three cab styles and three wheelbases.
  • 3. Ford Escape

    3. Ford Escape

    June 2009 Sales: 15,385
    Change vs. June 2008: 1.9%
    MSRP: $20,435 - $27,670

    The 2009 Escape breaks onto the scene with improved power, improved safety and added content to entice buyers into this gracefully aging platform. Out is the old 2.3-liter four, in is a new 2.5-liter that produces a respectable 171-hp. A V6 is also available.
  • 2. Chevrolet Silverado

    2. Chevrolet Silverado

    June 2009 Sales: 24,766
    Change vs. June 2008: -27.8%
    MSRP: $19,375 - $41,355

    The Chevrolet Silverado works hard to live up to its reputation as the'strongest, most dependable and longest lasting truck on the road'. The1500 is the 'half-ton', model in Chevrolet's full-size pickup line-up.
  • 1. Ford F-150

    1. Ford F-150

    June 2009 Sales: 35,915
    Change vs. June 2008: -7.4%
    MSRP: $21,565 - $36,100

    The Ford F-150 pickup truck delivers outstanding performance with its distinct trim levels, equipment packages and its broad range of cab styles and pickup box configurations. It comes in five trims: XL, STX, XLT, FX4 and the luxurious Lariat.
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