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WardsAuto 10 Best Interiors For 2015

Think about it: You spend a lot more time looking at, touching and interacting with the inside of your car than the outside. In other words, the interior is a very important consideration when shopping for a new car.

Every year, the experts from WardsAuto release a list of the best automobile interiors, and the 2015 edition has a few surprises. You can see each of the winners in this gallery by clicking on the image above.

Here's what WardsAuto has to say about its 10 Best Interiors awards:

WardsAuto announced the Ward's "10 Best Interiors" list of 2015. The list features three sedans, two 5-door hatchbacks, two pickup trucks, two CUVs and a minivan, proving that driving in style and comfort no longer requires breaking the bank on a costly luxury vehicle.

Editors selected the Ward's 10 Best Interiors after spending February and March evaluating 42 new interiors and scoring them on design aesthetics, materials, ergonomics, safety, comfort, value, fit-and-finish and driver information. The winners will be recognized during a special ceremony at the WardsAuto Interiors Conference being held May 13 at the newly renovated Cobo Center in Detroit, MI.

To determine the winners, editors drive the vehicles during their routine commutes and submit score sheets ranking each interior based on several criteria, including materials, ergonomics, comfort, safety, value, fit-and-finish and overall design. Scores also are applied based on the user-friendliness of the human-machine interface and the ability to link mobile phones and access vehicle information.

"It's important that great interiors be available in every class of vehicle, not just luxury models that most consumers will never be able to afford," says WardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief Drew Winter.

"In this year's competition, we saw a lot of evidence that automakers are thinking creatively about interiors and putting a lot of design horsepower into not just luxury vehicles, but pickups, minivans and family sedans. And they are investing more in high-quality trim materials, electronic features and other details that will surprise and delight shoppers," Winter added.

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