• While sifting through the possibilities for our recent look at some of the all-time best value cars, it became clear that there's far more dirt than diamonds; so why not slum it at the other end of the spectrum?

    "Value" in this context is defined by the aggregate of each car's weakest points: desirability, performance, reliability, and style.
  • Another point of consideration is how they stack up in today's dollars. To that end, we've again relied on the U.S. Department of Labor's Consumer Price Index calculations, fed with original MSRPs as reported by NADA (the National Automobile Dealers Association) as well as That's when you really begin to understand how, compared with whatÔøΩs available for the money today, these are the value cellar dwellers, the all-time worst value cars.
  • 9. Maserati Biturbo

    9. Maserati Biturbo

    Original base MSRP: $26,874
    MSRP in today's dollars: $50,820

    The idea of a bi-Italian model makes the mind race with hot thoughts. Too bad the fieriness of this one was literal. When Maserati Biturbos weren't spontaneously combusting, they were frustrating owners by occupying auto techs' garages more than their own. It's unfortunate, really. See the full sideshow at
  • 7. Bricklin SV-1

    7. Bricklin SV-1

    Original base MSRP: $7,900
    MSRP in today's dollars: $34,423

    Malcolm Bricklin may have helped bring Subaru to the U.S., it's true. However, he's also used his powers for evil. We'll get to his ultimate misdeed in a few, but first, there's the car that wore his name, the Bricklin SV-1. See the full sideshow at
  • 5. Ferrari Mondial 8

    5. Ferrari Mondial 8

    Original base MSRP: $63,939
    MSRP in today's dollars: $142,337

    Lest you thought every car wearing the Cavallino Rampante was worth its weight in gold, think again. How this car ever got Enzo's blessing is a mystery, but it's clear the Mondial 8 was born to lose. See the full sideshow at
  • 3. Lincoln Blackwood

    3. Lincoln Blackwood

    Original base MSRP: $51,785
    MSRP in today's dollars: $61,837

    So how does this sound: Instead of buying a Cadillac Escalade EXT, take your $50,000 and get a warmed-over, two-wheel drive Ford F-150 crew cab without a useful pickup box. Sound like a plan? Yeah, didn't think so. See the full sideshow at
  • 1. Yugo GV

    1. Yugo GV

    Original base MSRP: $3,990
    MSRP in today's dollars: $7,820

    Some cars need no introduction; though in the case of the Yugo, perhaps an apology to drivers is in order instead. In all fairness, Malcolm Bricklin did mean well by bringing this putrid, outdated, rebadged Fiat to our shores. See the full sideshow at
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