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Americans love sport utility vehicles. With fuel prices low and the need for function high, SUVs in all forms are being snapped up. Experts expect the trend to continue, even as consumer preferences evolve. With that in mind, here's five SUVs America is clamoring for.

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jeep wrangler
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2020 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is one of the most eagerly anticipated future SUVs. Put simply, the American people want it. This rendering, conceived by suggests a retro look for the next-generation model that could arrive for 2020. Realistically, we expect the Bronco to have a more modern look inline with Ford's Explorer and F-150 designs. We also think some form of hybrid system is possible. Ford has said it will add four new SUVs to its lineup in the coming years, and the Bronco is widely predicted to be one of them. As a bonus: the Ford Ranger pickup is also expected to return.

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ford bronco
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2018 Jeep Wrangler

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Another one of America's all-time favorites, the Jeep Wrangler is due for a major redesign for 2018. We expect the style to evolve slowly, maintaining the traditional rough and ready look of old-school Wranglers that were inspired by World War II Willys vehicles. We expect the new Wrangler will have more aluminum parts in a bid to increase fuel efficiency. It could also get a diesel engine as an option. Reports also say the new Jeep will be more aerodynamic, have nicer features like LED lights, and perhaps a more comfortable driving character. Plus, Jeep will make a pickup version of the new Wrangler.

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jeep wrangler
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2018 Lincoln Navigator

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The Lincoln Navigator appeared set for extinction less than a decade ago. With fuel prices high and a tight economy, the monster-sized, V8-powered Navigator seemed to be a relic from another time. But Lincoln kept the Navigator around, giving it small improvements as the company waited for the right opportunity. That's now. The 2018 model is a complete relaunch of one of the original luxury SUVs. The concept (shown) was revealed in New York this year to wide praise. That prototype had whiz-bang features like gullwing doors and a cargo area set up like a closet. We don't expect those things to arrive on the production model, but the elegant styling and luxurious trims definitely will.

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lincoln navigator
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2018 Mercedes G-Glass

Another military-inspired vehicle, the long-running G-Class is expected to relaunch for 2018. Mercedes will likely widen the vehicle to accommodate modern amenities. The current model has lived on largely unchanged since the late 1970s, almost unheard of in the industry. The styling will stay the same, as buying the vehicle is a statement for many consumers, but may take cues from the Ener-G-Force concept. Still, rugged capability will remain a staple.

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mercedes g-class
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2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer name conjures nostalgia for wood-paneled SUVs that looked and drove like they where from another era. That time is about to return, but forget about the past. Jeep is refashioning the Grand Wagoneer as an ultra-luxury three-row SUV with loads of comfort and technology. The reported price tag could go above $130,000, a heady sticker for a Jeep. These leaked images tease the Grand Wagoneer, though it's still likely a couple of years away, so information is scarce.

jeep grand wagoneer Information

jeep grand wagoneer
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