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It's an all American tribute this week as website TotalCarScore.com rates the automotive best of the Red, White and Blue.

It feels fitting with America's birthday right around the corner and Detroit's carmakers continuing to show strong sales with strong lineups.

"The Detroit Big 3 have quickly rebounded to produce some of the highest rated cars on the market, and America clearly hasn't lost its grip on the large SUV or high-performance sedan segments," said Karl Brauer, editor in chief and CEO of Total Car Score. "All three manufacturers made the Top 10 list with at least one 'tuner' version of their mainstream sedans, confirming Detroit muscle is alive and well."

So without further ado, click through to check out America's 10 Best American Cars.

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10. Chrysler 300 SRT-8

MSRP: $47,820
Invoice: $46,195
Fuel Economy: 14 mpg City, 23 mpg Highway

Prestige and power helped the Chrysler 300 SRT8 speed into the No. 10 spot. Powered by a 470 horsepower 6.4-liter Hemi V-8, the Chrysler 300 SRT8 was made over for the 2012 model year. It epitomizes understated power and luxury and will likely blow the doors off any one at a street light.

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9. Cadillac SRX

MSRP: $35,985 - $49,585
Invoice: $34,006 - $46,858
Fuel Economy: 17 mpg City, 24 mpg Highway

It's the Cadillac of crossovers. Available in front- and all-wheel drive, the SRX offers solid performance, 24 mpg on the highway, and a direct-injection V-6 mated to an automatic six-speed transmission. It's includes a plush five-passenger interior packed with high tech features make it ideal for an all-American road trip.

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8. Ford Taurus SHO

MSRP: $39,200
Invoice: $36,162
Fuel Economy: 17 mpg City, 25 mpg Highway

Some call it the S-H-O and others pronounce it "show," but it doesn't matter how you say it, this Taurus can fly. The performance version of the large sedan, the Taurus, the SHO is powered by the Ford's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that creates 365 horsepower and 360 pound-feet of torque. But unlike an British monarch in the 1700s, the SHO uses its power wisely and offers excellent performance.

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7. Chrysler 300

MSRP: $29,845 - $47,820
Invoice: $28,707 - $46,195
Fuel Economy: NA

The base model 300, which comes with a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and eight speed transmission is one of the best deals around for an entry level luxury performance sedan starting under $30,000. It's a true dose of American luxury, mixing brawn and beauty, power and performance. It was also refined for the 2013 model year with an all-wheel drive version being made available for the base model and additional standard features added.

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6. Cadillac CTS-V

MSRP: $63,215
Invoice: $59,106
Fuel Economy: 14 mpg City, 19 mpg Highway

Perhaps Francis Scott Key had a notion about the CTS-V when writing "The Star Spangled Banner." This rocket's got glare. Powered by a 6.2-liter supercharged V-8, the CTS-V is the Cadillac that kicked off Cadillac's high-performance renaissance and remains one of its best. It can go from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and cruise the land of the free and home of the brave while hitting 19 mpg.

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5. GMC Acadia

MSRP: $32,835 - $46,810
Invoice: $31,193 - $44,470
Fuel Economy: 17 mpg City, 24 mpg Highway

This venerable crossover combines truck-like toughness and minivan utility to help carry America forward into this new decade. It can haul up to eight passengers, it offers up to 116.9 cubic feet of space for carrying things, while keeping its sporty ride. It's ideal for one-vehicle large families that need the utility of a big vehicle but want to drive one that feels much smaller.

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4. Ford Flex

MSRP: $30,885 - $43,850
Invoice: $29,110 - $40,891
Fuel Economy: 18 mpg City, 25 mpg Highway

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but Americans have always preferred coffee anyway. The slab-sided Flex is the family-sized vehicle that can seat seven passengers and still keep every drink cold with its on-board refrigerator. It also has innovative features such as inflatable rear seat belts. Add all-wheel drive and Ford's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, and this crossover acts a lot more like a sports car.

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3. Chevrolet Traverse

MSRP: $29,660 - $41,035
Invoice: $28,177 - $38,983
Fuel Economy: 17 mpg City, 24 mpg Highway

The Chevy Traverse may not have the refinement of its sister vehicle, the Buick Enclave, or the truckiness of its other sibling, the GMC Acadia, but it does have America's vote as the most popular large crossover at General Motors. Powered by a 3.6-liter V-6, the Traverse is smooth riding, comfortable and most of all, practical for a big family.

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2. Buick LaCrosse

MSRP: $31,660 - $39,240
Invoice: $30,394 - $37,670
Fuel Economy: 25 mpg City, 36 mpg Highway

While Americans are passionate about hybrids, many Buick drivers may not realize they own one. The base model LaCrosse, however, is exactly that, even though the word "hybrid" isn't plastered all over it's exterior. It's a big sedan, for sure, but it also can get 36 mpg on the highway, something no other large sedan on the road today manages. It's also a quiet riding, well laid out, and generally excellent vehicle.

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1. Cadillac CTS

MSRP: $35,915 - $51,650
Invoice: $33,940 - $48,809
Fuel Economy: 16 mpg City, 26 mpg Highway

It's the sedan that started Cadillac's American revolution. It's also the car that showed that Americans can beat back the Europeans (again). The CTS is a well-proportioned sports sedan that even the base model, with a 3-liter direct injection V-6 is fun to toss around corners on weekends and take to work on Monday. Most of all, the rear-wheel drive CTS has that European feel but never forgets its American roots. The CTS is more than a car, it's a statement.

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