The Converted Hearse

The 1941 Packard hearse has been "alchemized" into a tricked-out limousine. This death-defying vehicle epitomizes gallows humor with calico animal print and tricked-out sequins.

Mattel At Its Finest

Mattel commissioned Hoop to create a car using 1,500 matchbox cars on a parking enforcement vehicle. 

The Far Side Of The Mattel Mobile

One side of this boy-toy vehicle resembles a firetruck with hard hats hanging from the pillars--an homage to the efforts of the FDNY and the lives lost on 9/11.

Matchbox Bottleneck

A close-up shot of the Matchbox mobile. The back of Hoop's elaborate creation mirrors the tunnel traffic from New Jersey to the Lincoln Tunnel. 

The Canvertible

The Fiat 850 Spyder is decked out in soda cans that Hoop has hammer-smashed and painted silver and gold--built-in car armor with an aesthetic flourish. 

Canvertible Detail

A close up of his machinations. 

"I painted it silver and gold," Hoop said. "And I thought it needed something more. I decided to give it a little texture. Most people are so worried about getting a little scratch on the car or the insurance. And, me, I go out there with a hammer and start smashing the car up and it looks better. 

Hoop Music Mobile

Covered with Casio keyboards, toy guitars, 8-tracks, and cassettes, Hoop's Geo Metro is as much an interactive tactile fun-house as it is a condensation of an era.

Musical Mobile Detail

Visitors and Hoop acolytes often leave him CDs and other artifacts to include in his creations. 

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