The Converted Hearse
  • The Converted Hearse

    The Converted Hearse

    The 1941 Packard hearse has been "alchemized" into a tricked-out limousine. This death-defying vehicle epitomizes gallows humor with calico animal print and tricked-out sequins.

  • Mattel At Its Finest

    Mattel At Its Finest

    Mattel commissioned Hoop to create a car using 1,500 matchbox cars on a parking enforcement vehicle. 

  • Matchbox Bottleneck

    Matchbox Bottleneck

    A close-up shot of the Matchbox mobile. The back of Hoop's elaborate creation mirrors the tunnel traffic from New Jersey to the Lincoln Tunnel. 

  • Canvertible Detail

    Canvertible Detail

    A close up of his machinations. 

    "I painted it silver and gold," Hoop said. "And I thought it needed something more. I decided to give it a little texture. Most people are so worried about getting a little scratch on the car or the insurance. And, me, I go out there with a hammer and start smashing the car up and it looks better. 

  • Musical Mobile Detail

    Musical Mobile Detail

    Visitors and Hoop acolytes often leave him CDs and other artifacts to include in his creations. 

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