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Junkyard Gem: 1990 Lexus LS 400

One of the very first Lexus LS luxury sedans to be sold in North America, now finally worn out at age 32.

Here's your chance to get a near-new 1st-gen Lexus LS400

With 34k miles, it should be good for a couple 100k more

Man creates DIY Lexus LS 400 convertible with Sawzall

We love four-door convertibles, reciprocating saws and watching other people make bad decisions, so the video seen here is a bit like our perfect YouTube cocktail. In it, the owner of a slammed Lexus LS decides he's had enough of living under the oppressive shadow of his sedan's roof. While at StanceWars Belgium 2012, he decides to fire up a generator, plug in his trusty sawzall and go to town. Not surprisingly, the sheetmetal on the roof gives up