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4.5 out of 5

will never trade the 2008 in ...best reliable car I have ever owned for hard commuting

2015-10-03 20:27:46

Few know the Yaris in early 2000s was already selling in europe...the europeans went gaga for it in the blue collar world. I watched the campaign to bring it here all thru 2005---and then it arrived in 2007 on american soil. after watching it for a year I bought a 2008 before they were everywhere...have the center odomer console...best safety design ever for paying attention to the road and scanning mirrors.....so sad the folks here could not adapt to that...such a smart thing rather then be distracted in hard traffic by having to look down and then over....the 2008 its all in one wise glance....think what is really sad is how the design after 2008 just got crummy...gas milage dropped and toyota well who are they fooling...they use that to make up for getting rid of their matrix which was one damn damn good car..and now is morphed into the prius c.......so bottom line...I will never ever sell or trade in my workhorse...I keep the belt on regular scheduled change ....i have 130000 miles on my car...full synthetic oil....and had struts and shocks done....i fly on eucopias and am still evaluating them...I find it fascinating and comforting that you hardly ever see a 2008 on a lot for resale....i suspect that the yaris is a distant cousin to the awesome little thing called the metro that chevy should have kept on making.....but hey no fat profits in it they thought...too bad and shame on toyota for messing with the basics of the yaris...not half the car it was when first born..yep i hard commute 60 miles a day and more....and have since 2008.....ps my yaris went from oregon to florida and had more power going over the rockies then the fancy expensive cars....i should have bought a fleet of 2008's when i thought about damn it.

2008 Toyota Yaris


2014-09-19 21:45:52

Gas Mileage doesn't come close to advertised. Getting 25.3 mpg. Dealer keeps saying...its not btoke in!!! I love the car but how long do I wait for 30 to 37 mpg? HUH !!!

2014 Toyota Yaris

Very Happy

2012-04-12 23:54:37

My wife and I was seeking an economcial car for local driving. After testing driving the gutless Chevy Sonice, rough riding Ford Focus, we test drove the Yaris. The ride was very good and the road noise much less than the competors rides. The power was OK, you have enough power to get on the freeway and cruise with the flow of traffic. The mileage has been very pleasing. With only owning the car a month we haven't burned much fuel, but have hit 42 MPG and 38MPG has been standard. Overall the Yaris has been a great car for the dollars spent.

2012 Toyota Yaris

Corolla to Yaris

2011-10-07 19:26:43

Previously owned a 2004 Corolla whicxk I took very good care of. In October 2010 it was totalled when I was broadsided--40 miles shy of 100,000 miles. I could not afford to purchase a new one so I looked at the Yaris sedan which looks like a Corolla Junior. My Corolla was silver grey but for the Yaris, I chose Pacific Blue with a white pin stripe down the side. After driving my Yaris for 10 months, I realize that I made the right choice. My trip to work every day is 36 miles round-trip, so the mpg was important--average 33 miles per gallon.

2010 Toyota Yaris

Love my Yaris

2011-06-04 20:58:53

I've had my 2007 Yaris since May 2006. It's been a great car. Easily transports our family of five. Not to mention the great gas mileage and sporty styling. Minimal trunk space, but you wouldn't be buying it for the trunk space. I am very happy with my Yaris. I could easily afford a more expensive car, but I've got everything I want in the Yaris.

2007 Toyota Yaris

Great car

2010-11-01 13:24:13

I bought my Yaris on March 2007. This little car is very cool and great on gas. I have had zero problems with it. But thats what you would expect from a Toyota

2007 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris best little car out there!!

2010-07-03 21:30:26

I have a 2007 Yaris I bought new and it is the best car I have ever had. For a small car it holds a lot of stuff and is comfortab, drives well and handles like a "race car" to which it is named for. Turkish word Yaris means race car!! It is dependable, has had nothing go wrong in almost 4 years and gas mileage is exceptional. I have a model with A/C and power windows and locks and 2door hatchback. I have an after market alarm and keyless entry system in place and there is nothing more that I could ask for or want from a car.

2007 Toyota Yaris

I Love My 2007 Toyota Yaris

2009-12-09 19:56:30

I bought my 2007 Yaris when looking for another Toyota, but someone had traded their Yaris in for a larger vehicle and it was well priced; a four door sedan with a CD player, cruise control, great gas mileage, and a sleek body that fit my image well. It had 17,000 miles on it and it got out into the highway quickly, stopped quickly, and a really loud sound system that I blasted! So, it was a great fit. I love my Toyota Yaris and I drive it much more than my Audi. It's so fun and I would recommend a 2007 Toyota Yaris to anyone who enjoys going many places while listening to good sounds. The only negative thing that I could say about my Yaris is that the front seats are definitely made for smaller, slimmer people. If the seats were a little larger, longer, I would say anyone would enjoy it, but a big person would not feel too comfortable. Now my Yaris has 77,000 miles on it and it never gave me any trouble. I do take it for regular checkups as a matter of ********* due to get one now. If you're thinking about buying a Yaris, try it and I'm sure you'll like it, too.

2007 Toyota Yaris

My beach car...

2009-11-11 11:11:58

I love my Yaris! I read about this model before it was available in the US. I bought mine in Jan 07. It looks great and fits my needs very well. People ask me if it is a hybird, I have to say no, but the gas mileage is wonderful.

2007 Toyota Yaris

Steering etc.

2009-09-12 10:27:53

First to say that my experience with my Yaris, which I've had for about a month and driven about 2000 miles in all kinds of traffic, including high speed road and heavy New York City rush hour, has been similar to the expert review offered by AOL. The car feels and performs extremely well. As to steering, which seems to be a problem for many reviewers, I can say that I am not experiencing steering deficiency of any kind and, because of what I had been reading, I was careful to look for problems in the test drive, and since. So, for perspective buyers, perhaps the steering "problem" is one of two things: 1. some drivers are used to a different feel (my old Tercel seemed easier to handle at high speeds until I got used to the updated technology) or, 2. Yaris steering is different from car to car so take your time test driving, test all kinds of driving situations, buy the car you've tested.

2009 Toyota Yaris

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