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5.0 out of 5

Best car I ever owned

2016-05-25 17:35:39

34 MPG stop and go and 38 to 42 MPG on the highway. Smooth ride and haven't spent a dime on it due to free 5000 mi oil and filter changes and tire rotation. Have 56,000 miles on it

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

spacious vehicle

2016-04-30 04:08:15

spacious vehicle, pleasant journey , all systems are functioning well , very cost-effective . Using the B mode gear box is important , useful when Slowdowns in the city and In the countryside or highways . Excellent car . The most sophisticated and reliable vehicle I know. I'm sure that i will buy the Camry once again

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Kim's 2nd newish auto

2015-12-31 01:18:06

This is a well made vehicle. Despite the rumors of pricey replacement hybrid batteries.........So far so good.....The ride,quietness,motor,interior quality,style,features,pricing,dependability.......has been second to none.......period......even at 56 years old......it seems a bit sporty enough for me......might have to get some aftermarket sick wheels a year down the road but all else is extremely satisfactory.......EXCEPT........can't fit my mtn. bike in the back seat of the car.......even with the front wheel off......surprised me........all other positives make me overlook this.......I'll get a roof rack for the bike.......Kim

2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Great Vehicle

2012-09-21 19:53:53

I have never bought a new car before but this was WELL worth it. I have driven on the interstate, hwy, and city. It gets terrific gas mileage. I have completely changed how I drive to maximize my MPG. It is very fun to try to get as high MPG as you can. The fuel averages are higher than advertised if you drive it right. I got 47 MPG combined and steadily improving to get more. Lots of room for a hybrid. I researched everything that could have matched it and it beat all of them except Prius. I would highly recommend it.

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2011-06-06 02:32:10

I dislike my Toyota Camry Hybrid because it is not mouseproof. There is an opening near the trunk on the undercarriage that is supposed to release air pressure when the doors shut and it also allows mice to get in. Also the windshield gaps where it meets the hood of the car and it is an invitation for muddaubers to build nests. I've never had such a non varmint-proof vehicle and I've had Lincolns, Fords, Buicks, and Cadillacs and Mercury. I would not recommend this vehicle to people who live in the country. I really don't like having mousetraps in my car. I really feel disappointed in this car. Toyota disregarded the customer dissatisfaction report also and did not offer any kind of willingness to correct the issue.

2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2010-05-22 17:45:33

I picked the Camry Hybrid over the Prius because it was a model year newer and I found the Camry to be more comfortable for long trips as opposed to the Prius. I also like a seat that is can be adjusted by a motor versus the wacky ratchet and grab under the seat and push back method. The trunk is great for everyday around town driving and on a trip you need to pack sensibly which I can do but not my wife. The car forces her to pack more efficiently. We love the car. My wife drives a Taurus 2010 SHO. Two extremes but both great cars. I am getting 37-38 miles per gallon in town which sees great to me. I traded in an Acura 2007 RL for the Camry and don't miss the Premium gas prices and low gas mileage.

2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2010-03-01 18:07:03

I bought this car with 5 miles on it. It now has about 15,000...I can honestly say each mile has been a pleasure and it has exceeded my expectations. It is comfortable on long trips, has reasonable trunk and storage capacity for 2 traveling adults, gets excellent milage around town and on the highway. It is very responsive in all weather conditions. I have had zero problems. I would highly recommend it for excellent gas milage and for superior comfort!This car was made in Japan and has no recalls whatsoever.

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2009-08-17 10:59:31

I am so disappointed in the Camry, the doors imediately were denting if they got touched at all. We are paying close to a thousand dollars today to have doors repainted and trim package installed. The defrost system is close to dangerous in rain /snow and if you use air circulation instead of air conditioning or even heat in winter windows fog up. I hate cold air blowing on me in the winter just to defog windows. We bought hybrid fully loaded thinking it would be good buy even though we had to pay 7% interest rate compared to other cars only to be disappointed. I think worse of all Sunshine Toyta in Balle Creek, MIchigan cannot even repaint car but we had to take it to a paint shop and they listen but do nothing to help with our problems. A friend told me how his catalitc converter went out on his Honda well after the warranty expired and Honda still replaced it with him only paying a $100 to have it installed. Shame on Toyota and lack of care and concern when new customers have problems, they actually send cars to GM to have repairs made and don't take any responsibility

2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2009-06-26 11:37:29

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Review of 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2009-06-20 17:14:56

Overall very good purchase. The only problem(for me) is the backs of the front seats. They need to be 2 or 3 inches more upright or closer to the passanger. The bottom of the seat is very comfortable. I get around 35 mpg. The dealer is another story. I am going to purchase a Toyota Tacoma but not from the dealer in Dothan, Al. They are a joke. They actually sent the wrong paperwork to the credit union(higher price)and took all day to correct it. Actually it was the next day only after calling the owner of the business. Mistakes happen but this one was a little strange.

2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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