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2011-06-08 02:15:42

Great Sport Car Coupe 2- Door. Black Sun-Roof Eco-Tech Engine. GM. We never had any problems or Break down . All we had to do is Oil Change/Filters/Tire Rotations.Brakes front and rear. And kept up with Maintainces such as Transmition Fluid change automatick, and spark plugs at 100,000.Miles. In facts we just had it done on 6.7.2011. Now the car runs and feels like a BRAND NEW CAR with lots of Engine Power. We are not selling the car it can last us another 5 years ( NO Jokes ) No monthly car payment BABY. The same type of engine Eco Tech GM has it now on the New 2011 Buick Reagal for $32,000.00. America GM Keep up the good work.

2003 Pontiac Sunfire

great car for the first couple of years

2009-05-01 22:38:08

I absolutely loved my Sunfire. It was my first car and I had no issues with it until midway through the second year. There was some kind of electrical issue, and the stuff on the dashboard stopped working and had to be replaced twice. The cd player also stopped working multiple times, but luckily all while it was still under warranty. The biggest downside to Sunfires: even minor accidents rack up thousands of dollars in damages! Also, once hit, the doors and trunk are almost impossible to realign and leak constantly. It's a great car overall, with good gas mileage. Just be careful driving!

2004 Pontiac Sunfire

best little car ive ever owned

2008-12-28 15:02:25

I have put 75000 miles on this car with not one problem I have only changed the oil great car keep it up America and it beats any rice burner

2003 Pontiac Sunfire

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