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5.0 out of 5

Great Car

2018-04-12 19:52:44

Love this for my daily commute.

2016 Nissan LEAF

Great Car

2018-04-12 19:45:00

Love this for my daily commute.

2017 Nissan LEAF

Great Car

2018-04-12 19:43:28

2018 Nissan LEAF

Great Car for Limited Purpose

2017-01-27 19:13:13

With tax credits our 2013 Leaf cost us significantly under $20 K new. We have solar electric, reducing our carbon footprint and long term cost. We use the car to commute to work from the Denver suburbs and run local errands, and it works well for us. Our use is very predictable and there are plenty of charging stations at the places in the mountains, like Estes Park. The car recharges itself on the way back down the mountain. The only adverse surprise so far is the impact of new tires on range. Pirelli's "low rolling resistance" all weather tire dropped the range over 20 percent. We took it back within Discount's return period and will go with the Nissan specified version of Bridgestone's Ecopia, the original tire on the vehicle. The downsides of this very lightweight tire are relatively low tread life (we got 33K) and vulnerability to impacts with curbs and potholes. Flat tires are a problem because the Leaf has no spare. Bridgestone has a heavier (greater rolling resistance) version of this tire that comes with a 65K mile warranty, but the manufacturer does not warrant anything about the Nissan specified tire. However, from my research it appears that no other tire will get you close to the range you come to expect from the original period of ownership. Consumer reports suggests the maximum difference is less than 10 percent but that has not been our experience. Still, we love our Leaf and don't need the newer version with greater battery capacity.

2017 Nissan LEAF

Great car but for the right commute

2016-03-04 11:04:39

I love this car. But people should be skeptical of all the numbers (like range) and marketing that car companies throw at them. Of course this car can't go 100 miles on the freeway. Do a little research (google it for goodness sake) and you'll find that this car will give you anxiety if your commute requires over 50 miles on the freeway. With that said, if you commute on the freeway (more than 30-50 miles one way) and you don't have the infrastructure (ie. your work doesn't have charging stations), then this car is not for you. If you are willing to use this car to go to work and back or for short trips AND you have the charging infrastructure, then I would highly recommend this vehicle to anybody who wants disconnect from gasoline-powered cars.

2016 Nissan LEAF

I won't buy Nissan LEAF and not recommend anyone to buy

2015-01-30 19:07:55

I bought a 2011 Nissan LEAF and put 61k miles on it now. The reasons I don't recommend anyone to buy Nissan LEAF, 1) I spent more than $35k plus tax on this car, now after 3 years, the trade-in value is $8k. 2) The battery degraded a lot and I can only drive 40 miles per full charge now. 3) Nissan never announce the battery warranty guideline and I only get to know recently, it is below 60k for 4 bars. Even I already lost 4 bars, but I am I am slightly over 60k now, good luck to me.

2015 Nissan LEAF

Great second car

2013-08-02 01:20:47

We have had our 2013 Leaf SV for 2 months and 2500 miles. I am 6 ft 4 and can manage fine in the front seats. Cannot say enough good things about this car makes total sense as a second car. We have had Lexus , Mercedes, Infiniti and still enjoy this car. For what I was paying for gas alone at $80 per tank our lease and electricity is covered. Pretty much a free lease. No repairs , oil changes or tough negotiations in 36 months. Just give it back and lease a new better version of he same thing. We still enjoy and need our mini van for longer drives but keeping that on the highway keeps us from spending too much on gas with a big vehicle in the city. Fun to drive try one you will be Impressed. I can plug this in with the standard charger and be back to 100 % roughly 85 miles in about 14 hours. Even in California with some of the most expensive electricity in the country my electric bill is increased $50 per month. Electric vehicles qualify you for lower electric rates at off peak times .

2013 Nissan LEAF

2012 Leaf

2012-07-24 20:18:29

What they don't tell you up front is that for $40,000 you would think you could run the air and heat, but what they don't tell you is the range is NOT 100 or 75 or 50 miles if you're going to run the ac or the heat. As a matter of fact, you can't drive on the highway, that lowers your range too. Basically, if you go 45 mph with no air, it may go 71 miles on one charge. I should have bought a golf cart. Their customer support leaves a lot to be desired. If you live in the South or out West like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, get ready for battery life issues. Drive the demo A LOT and know what you're getting into before you consider this car!!

2012 Nissan LEAF

Welcome to the future!

2011-07-31 22:03:29

Its been a month that I have owned the Leaf and put on over a thousand miles. My favorite has been the torque and the 0 to 30 acceleration. I blows other cars away. Its as quiet as a Rolls and people do not need to yell on their cell phones while driving on the freeway. One thing to keep in mind is that when you drive in ECO mode the regeneration allows you to be easy the brakes. so watch the rear view mirror. So far only one time have I experienced the dreaded range anxiety disease. I did drive it over 100 miles and the range left was 6 miles and I was 12 miles from home at midnight. I live 3 miles from the Nissan dealer that has a charger but found that they chain off the lot and charger at closing. I have found the biggest electron eaters are speed and hills with climate control third. Traffic can be your friend for the extra miles. No problems yet except for last night the car would not charge. I finally tried to do a unplug and reset of the charging station and that did it. The car is really a door to the future. It won't take care of all the needs you have but can do over 80% of everything else. If you think about it, how many times do you drive over 80 miles a day? As an only car possibly no, but as a second car a resounding yes!! I pay about $2.80 to fully charge for about 80 miles. One thing no one talks about is the great parking and free charging the car gets on the road. I have season tickets to the music center here in LA and across the street is the Department of Water and Power. I get to park for free and get a charge at the same time. With all the rebates and incentives the car out the door cost me a grand total of $25,492 including charger and installation. Once the future 440 volt level 3 chargers get installed I will be even more happy. Right now there are only 2 in CA. US Walgreens will be installing 800 level 2 and 3 chargers by the end of the year. I plan to drive to Washington in the near future when I can plan the charging to meet my demand

2011 Nissan LEAF

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