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5.0 out of 5

No longer a "sports" car

2012-10-04 15:50:10

I "upgraded" my 2003 G35 sports coupe to the G37S and could not be more disappointed. Nearly everything about this car is substandard. It handles like my old Camry, bouncing up and down (no longer "grips" the road like the G35) and the power steering has a tendancy to oversteer when going around curves. Braking/accelerating feels like you are trying to stop/start a truck, its about twice as slow to get this car to a stop vs the G35. It is faster, but thats about it in terms of improvement. As for the radio, I sure hope you only listen to AM. Even with the high-end Bose version, sounds sound absolutely horrible. There's a weird range that seems to be muffled and overall it sounds compressed. I'm going to see if the IPL is any better, but so far after 10 years its sad to see Infiniti has devolved their sports car to the state its in now. Very little innovation.

2013 Infiniti G37

Great Milage; comfortable ride

2011-07-30 11:31:38

This all wheel drive sedan is great. Good handling in snow and ice. Went on a 2000 mile car trip and drove for hours at time. Very cvomfortable. On trips average about 28 mpg. Downside is uses high test gas. Interior is spacious and comfortable. Bose sound system is great. Navigation is good, but wish you could search for locations while driving.You need to have an exact address to use voice. If you stop, the search and find capabilities of the Nav is great. Is it a safety feature ?

2009 Infiniti G37

best infinity ever

2010-11-20 20:05:53

It is hard to find flaws in this sedan that I call a rocket. The engine is strong and the torque is head popping. I haven't mastered all the high tech options in the infinity but I will eventually. I am impressed with the fuel economy on the highway. Driving at top speeds the car has always gotten 27 to 29 miles per gallon. Keeping your foot off the floor around town yields 20 to 22 miles per gallon. It is comfortable on long trips and I want to keep driving because this car is fun.

2009 Infiniti G37


2010-05-19 21:57:32

Traded a 1995 Lincoln Town Car for the G37X. Like stepping off the Titanic onto the Starship Enterprise! The GPS, satellite radio system, back-up screen really blew our minds! My wife who is NOT a car person, but a hell of a cook, really loves this car! We looked at the Audi and BMW. The Infiniti is their equal in performance, lower priced with much better financing. Need I say more?

2010 Infiniti G37

Review of 2009 Infiniti G37

2010-01-05 22:13:26

2009 Infiniti G37

Review of 2009 Infiniti G37

2009-06-23 10:07:17

Got 30 MPG on long trip!

2009 Infiniti G37

Fun and an excellent value

2008-09-03 05:13:22

I have a 2008 G37S 6MT. At 1100 miles, the engine is just starting to "loosen up". It has great power and flexibility, but is a bit raspy at higher RPM's. The car looks great, handles well and is comfortable and well appointed. This is my second Infiniti over the years, but I just came out of a BMW 5 series.The Infiniti is not unnecessarily complex, unlike the BMW which sometimes seems to feature technology for the sake of technology...not because it functions any better. Also, the Infiniti service has it all over BMW. My only complaints so far are dismal gas milage (I don't see 18/24...do you?) and a noisy moonroof deflector that I will have addressed at the first service. Overall, a great and fun to drive car.

2008 Infiniti G37

Houston G37

2008-07-17 23:47:56

Just perfect. can't ask for more, NO maybe add blinker to the sides mirror. Fully loaded for under 43K that's crazy u can't get that in any of its class S5, GS350, IS350 maybe, 335I and the TT's men fully loaded in those class will cost u another 10k to 15k u can buy yourself a second vehicle.

2008 Infiniti G37


2007-11-03 11:31:56

I've owned 3 previous G35's before purchasing this one. I had a sedan and 2 coupes but nothing beats this one. The G37 has a much quieter interior, a much better sound system, great steering capabilities and incredible pickup from the 50-80 range. Don't even look to purchase one of the leftover 2007's that are around. Insist on a open highway test drive and you'll never look back. My other G35 coupes really sucked big time in the ice so I expect this to perform the same. The sport seating is so comfortable that you won't want to leave. Shop around as prices really do vary especially on Long Island.

2008 Infiniti G37

This car is HOT!

2007-11-01 11:47:48

I have driven nothing but BMW's. Hated this year's models but was hesitant to give up on BMW's drive. Saw the G37 on a billboard and decided it looked pretty sporty so I gave it a test drive. I have never had more fun driving a car!!! This car is HOT! And you cannot beat it for the price - fully loaded with Journey and Sport packages for $43,000. Can't touch a BMW fully loaded for that and the BMW 335 looks nothing like a sports car. The G37's 330 hp is icing on the cake!

2008 Infiniti G37

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