2016 Hyundai Genesis Reviews

4 out of 5


2016-09-07 12:38:27

Quietest ride I've ever had, comfortable as hell, great tech, great engine. The only possible con I can think of is fuel consumption but if you're buying a 50k large luxury sedan with a 3.8L can you really expect civic-like fuel economy? I'm extremely satisfied.

2016 Hyundai Genesis


2016-07-17 10:00:06

excellent, ride quiet, well appointed, all the bells and whistles you want in a fine luxury car, had a BMW, Cadillac, right up there with both,and cost less, good choice for entry level luxury,

2016 Hyundai Genesis

2015 Genesis 3.8

2015-12-30 19:56:15

Wanted a car with more luxury and features. Also wanted rear drive for better weight distribution front and rear. Purchased my Genesis in March, 2015 as a birthday present. Fantastic present and like just about everything on the car. Got all options except for the all wheel drive and the Ultimate pkg. Pearl white exterior and tan leather interior. Tires were replaced by Hyundai Corporation at no charge to me. Have Michelin tires and they are a vast improvement. Turned off 'Lane departure' system. Too aggressive and do not like vibration in the steering wheel. All functions on the center stack are easy to use and understand. Had the Hyundai logo taken off the trunk lid and the Genesis wing put on to match the wing on hood. Some people thought I was driving an Aston Martin or Jaguar. They are surprised when I tell them it is a Hyundai. Will keep this car 10 years just like I did my 2005 Toyota Avalon. Should be as dependable.

2015 Hyundai Genesis


2015-11-24 19:21:35

I bought the 2015 Genesis in September of 2014. I bought the top of the line V6 with the Ultimate Package. I've owned Cadillacs, Lexus, Buick's, Honda's, Toyota's, Fords, Lincolns, Chevrolet's, Plymouth's, a Austin Healey & a Porsche over the last 40 years. I can honestly say that the Genesis is the finest all around sedan that I have ever owned or driven (many rentals on business trips). I have 15k miles on the car, and it looks and performs like the day I first drove it. The radio 'system' which includes the GPS failed when the car had about 3k miles on it. The dealership apologized, gave me a loaner, and replaced the entire unit in a timely manner. Some folks over in Saudi complained about the tires that come on the Genesis failed due to excessive hear, so Hyundai contacted the USA Genesis owners and offered us a full set of Michelin tires if we wished to have the original ones replaced. My car had 5k miles at the time, so I said OK. The corporation seems 'over the top' when it comes to customer service. I agree totally with Hyundai's decision to spin off the Genesis into it's own brand and profit center! I'm looking forward to the designs Genesis comes out with staring in 2016. Hopefully they will offer a luxury Crossover as a second vehicle to replace my wife's Toyota.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

2015 Hyundai Genesis

2015-11-24 17:10:05

I own a 2015 Hyundai Genesis and suggest anyone thinking of buying this car, go to U-Tube and watch the reviews. They are all excellent. I have the V-6 engine with all the options. It is by far the quietest ,safest and smoothest car that I have ever owned. I also suggest that you read the reviews of owners on various auto blogs and read how they uniformly praise this car and learn ********* features.. I would recommend that if you buy it, you change the rear Hyundai logo to the Genesis wings that is on the front. You will then be questioned by many admirers of this car as to what kind of car it is, because of its beautiful shape and appearance.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

14 X5 i35 Traded For 15 Genesis 3.8 AWD ...

2015-10-21 20:34:08

... I suffered through a Midwest winter in 2013-14, central Illinois, with a real-wheel drive Lexus *********** was a horrible experience. I wanted AWD and overshot with the X5. Great vehicle, great AWD, horrible on my long trips to Chicago and St. Louis. After a co-worker bought a low-end 3.8, I drove it and loved it. But I wanted all the X5 bells and whistles. Which I largely got. HUD, LKA, LDW, radar cruise, etc. I was able to get four golf bags, four overnight bags, and three passengers in the Genesis for a two hour drive to Chicago for golf. Only one overnight bag had to ride as the armrest in the back seat. Impressive. This is seriously the best luxury value package in the market. I love the highway ride! Much, much better than the sporty ride of the X5 ... which is a good thing if you like that. I realized I did not. I need a Lexus like ride with a lot of tech. Genesis delivers. I have a feeling I am going to have buyers remorse as the 2016 Genesis comes out.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

This is a good car my real problem and concern is the placement of the sideview mirrors . On

2015-10-20 23:02:54

the driver side you are completely blinded by the post and mirror assemble and the passenger side as well

2013 Hyundai Genesis

2012 GENESIS .

2015-09-30 10:38:22

I bought 2012 Genesis 2012 at rick case dealership , not happy with the service after you buy the car , they forget about you , scratches all over car , my 2007 nissen paint looks newer then my 2012 Genesis , A.C IN FLORIDA ,not too happy , my other older camery blow like powerful cold blower , and sometime when I fill her up to brink , I get this smell of gas surrounding the back area of the car and another thing be very cautious with the Dealers , they are not there to help you , they will sell you a crash car and keep it quiet , until you do your fax report ,shocker. do I feel I was scam , you bet I do .

2015 Hyundai Genesis

Review of 2013 Hyundai Genesis

2012-12-19 17:04:31

Had a 2012 which was lost in the Sandy storm and bought a new 2013. The 2013 Genesis has a much improved feel when driving and the shocks must have been changed from last year as the ride is very much improved.

2013 Hyundai Genesis

My 2012 Genisis

2012-09-01 18:25:58

Overall it is a wonderful automobile, the styling is right, the interior is well appointed, the sound system is excellant, fit and finish are great. The V6 engine is powerful and very quiet, there is a slight pause upon excelleration, the milage is as expected. The ride is very harsh for an automobile in this class. I feel that there are some things Hyundai needs to address: when the car is first started the A/C does not start as soon as the engine is started, and it blows hot air for a few minutes until cold air starts to flow, this is uncomfortable in Florida where the summers are extremely hot. The front cup holder is useless, unless you are placing a very large drink in the holder, a normal size water or soda bottle flop around like a fish out of water. The controls for the cooling system use blue lights above the function, they wash out during the daytime as the are pointed toward the light. The rear view mirror has a compass the symbol for South is a "5" instead of an "S". The front doors on the car have a rather long reach to close an assist strap would be a nice addition. The harsh ride of the vechicle needs to be addressed my car is equiped with Dunlop tires which are not known as a quality tire. The clock used in the base model looks and feels cheap. There is no remote start offered, which I feel is a mahor oversight in this class. My experience with the selling dealer was aweful I got the Accemt treatment at the Genisis price, I will not do any further business with that dealer. The dealer I use for servie is more attentive and customer focused. Hyuandi you have some work to do to address these issues

2012 Hyundai Genesis

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