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4.0 out of 5

Finally Have a Car I like More Than My Old 1996 Impala SS

2013-08-31 22:31:22

This is a solid, stout car. It is my daily driver, and aside from some less than great in-town gas mpg, I really have no complaints with this car. You can pick one up with 5,000 miles for $40,000 or less. With an iron block and forged internals, if you leave it stock the thing should last as long as you want it. No clutch problems like the 2007-2009's had. Handles pretty well and feels stable even at very high speeds. You can find a faster car, and you can buy a cheaper car and mod it to make it faster. At this point in life, I have no interest in tearing into the engine to get 0.3 secs off the 1/4 mile. I have nothing to prove to 2.0L imports. I'm sure their buyers are happy with their choices and so am I.

2010 Ford Shelby GT500

New Owner

2011-11-28 19:42:42

Well 500 miles on it and it is a joy just to fire it up!!! Its parked for the winter here in Montana but can hardly wait for spring......nav system is great as is sync with my cell phones. The shifter is great and is easy to drive in town with stop and go traffic. Put your foot down and you fly...the supercharger makes a great wherling sound as it kicks in and puts your head back into the seat. Wish they would add a backup camera as you have very limited visibility in back. Also had a custom bracket made for the front plate that attaches from the bottom so no screw holes in the front bumper. Gas milage is around 12 in the city and 17 on the highway so far....having too much fun. Already had a call from the dealer wanting to know if I would sell it .........

2012 Ford Shelby GT500

American Muscle

2010-03-22 12:30:12

For the money spent, there can't be a better value for pure thrill. The handling and clutch are so much improved over the 2009.

2010 Ford Shelby GT500

Review of 2010 Ford Shelby GT500

2010-03-18 20:19:29

2010 Ford Shelby GT500

2010 Shelby GT 500 - 2010 GT 500 Pics and info

2009-01-22 16:13:34

The 2010 Shelby GT 500 is unbelievable this car is now 540 HP and had been refined check out the pics and equipment at www.2010gt500.com the official 2010 shelby gt500 site .

2009 Ford Shelby GT500

GT 500; great car!

2008-10-10 09:23:48

@47,950 you will not find a car that is more fun to drive. The Shelby GT 500 is so smooth when cruisin around town but no need to down shift to show that import drivin punk how America does 500hp. I don't know how ford is going to top this and still keep the price out of the exotic range (65 and up). Gas mileage isn't horrible as I am getting an average of 18-22. Seats are comfortable and the transmission is perfect. Gear ratio is basicly like a 5 speed with 6th gear being for cruising the highway. Great sound system. Interior is better quality than expected. Heck, the whole car is of better quality than I expected. Maybe Ford really is making "Quality Job 1".

2009 Ford Shelby GT500

This is a dream come true.

2008-08-07 16:12:30

Anyone who wants a car that will turn heads and for a price that wows any competitor, GT500 is the car for you. This is my 2nd mustang and let me tell you anyone who says this car sucks or isn't worth the money, probably never drove one before and is full of you know what. Take my advice and drive one before you listen to anyone elses opinion.

2008 Ford Shelby GT500

Good Ol' American Muscle

2008-07-06 10:17:14

Some folks are so quick to whine about things, (especially a certain someone crying about wanting a Japanese car on EVERY Mustang page, newsflash: you can trade in & get that atrocity you want& let someone who will appreciate the ingenuity that went into the car you hate) but I can find no flaws, only love for this restrained monster. One tap on the accelerator of a GT500KR & you leave all others in your dust. Knowing that it is made of pure steel (not recycled steel & plastic)& a genius engine design (all hail Carroll Shelby!)makes me feel all warm & fuzzy & above all: SAFE! The quality of the components that make up this car are all top of the line. Even the "nominal" Mustangs have an incredible safety rating, streamline looks & the "giddy-uppiness" performance that have been lacking since the mid-1970's. The pricing for these cars is very good & well worth every penny. Even with its performance, it is far from being a gas guzzler & the mileage per gallon is phenomenal. The adjustable seats with lumbar support are heavenly & make long distance driving that much easier. If you are a Ford lover, like myself, & have been waiting to spoil yourself with a car to show off, look no further. The only drawback would be for the very tall & well, nicely put, hefty types, as the seats are made to provide support to a less, uh, rounded type. If you are less than 6'6" & weigh under 300lbs., this car is a perfect fit & super fast. The trunk space is also a sweet surprise too. Of course you will always find people who will find fault in anything & for that, we should thank them, as we can get their cars for a much better cost. (I personally want to thank the idiot who had special ordered mine with all top of the line features & had after market work done on the stripes to make them a bit further apart & then had it reposessed, as I was able to buy mine for practically a song & dance.) Call your local Ford dealer to see what gems they have hiding on the lot.

2008 Ford Shelby GT500


2008-06-13 08:57:24

You cant beat it for the price

2008 Ford Shelby GT500

2008 Shelby Cobra GT500

2008-03-29 12:36:59

How could anyone not enjoy this car? Fast and fun to drive. Looks and sounds great. Shelby and Ford hit a home run on this one.

2008 Ford Shelby GT500

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