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5.0 out of 5

Over looked and forgotten.

2017-01-12 14:54:46

Rented one for a ski trip and I was very impressed. Quiet, smooth ride, not truck like. It did bounce a little and sway from the soft springs but it's for people not construction. Engine is plenty powerful even though it's a V-6. At idle waiting at a red light the engine was so quiet and smooth it appeared not even running. No, it did not have a auto stop. Smoothest idle I have found in any vehicle. Lexus smooth. At highway the steering needs work, it's twitchy and not easy to hold center. It will wander and need correction. No one even knows they still make this vehicle, but its not bad at all.

2016 Ford Expedition

Review of 2000 Ford Expedition

2011-04-04 21:32:18

Best vehicle I've owned. 5.4 V8 will do anything asked. I've put 100K plus and still running strong with routine maintenance.

2000 Ford Expedition

Outstanding ride quality

2010-05-12 19:30:28

The smooth ride and functional features along with value made me pick the Expy again. This is my 2nd Expy and I like it even better than my 1st. The engine is strong and smooth. I think the 6 speed has been helpful in mpgs.

2007 Ford Expedition

2010 limited Expedition

2010-05-04 15:46:21

We are Ford people and have driven nothing but Expeditions and Explorers. Our New Limited 2010 is beyond my expectations. Great ride, quiet, and comfortable seting. The new Voice activated navigation system is unbelievable and still I do not know all the benefits it offers. Expensive but what a vehicle...I hope to enjoy it for years as I did my 2001....We love it!!!

2010 Ford Expedition

180K miles and counting......

2009-04-20 18:11:25

Excellent vehicle. This car has NEVER left me stranded. It almost did twice though. Once was when the alternator failed and the battery died. I have a 30 mile commute and on my way home, it died 2 blocks from my house. The other time was when a spark plug blew through the head. It ran like crap but I was able to drive it to the shop for a repair ($3500!). Other than that, paint is still in great shape - if I wax it, it looks brand new. It runs excellent, doesn't burn oil, never leaked ANY fluids, passes smog with flying colors. The only 2 other things that have failed and I decided not to get them fixed is: 1. The rear wiper motor and 2. The ABS module failed. The rear wiper motor is around $400 ($300 in parts, $100 in labor) and that's more than I want to spend on that. And the ABS module is $1000 which is way more than I want to spend on it. I figure, why bother? That's more than half way to what a dealer would take for it ($2500 trade-in). I'd rather keep it, and save myself $25000 or so. It's still my daily driver as of today.

1999 Ford Expedition

2009 Expedition Limited

2009-01-18 11:14:43

After researching Tahoe's, Sequoia's and Expedition's for several months, I could not be happier with choosing the new 2009 Expedition Limited. The Expedition has more standard features, is more luxurious and is the least expensive of the group... The Tahoe had a very dated 4 speed transmission and non-power 3rd row seat and the Sequoia felt & looked like a big grey elephant grazing in the african safari with a price tag to match it's size... Which leaves me happy I chose the sharply designed, very well equipped & luxurious Expedition. It drives like a very sure-footed, nimble 747, if that makes any sense at all and I'm very pleased it has a new 6 speed transmission and independent suspension for a smooth drive... The Expedition has power everything including heated 2nd row seats, power 3rd row seat and microsoft-partnered Sinc/Nav system!....The 2009 Expedition is hands down a great choice...

2009 Ford Expedition

Best Car I've Ever Owned!

2008-11-16 12:51:29

I own a 2004 Ford Expedition, Eddie Bauer 4X4. This truck has it all...safety, comfort, dependability, convenience, luxury, cargo space, and style. I had never fallen in love with a vehicle until I purchased this truck. It is so versitile that I can haul the soccer team or cargo, not to mention the thrid row seats fold with the depression of a button. It has everything down to heated & air conditioned leather seats. It also has the power to tow a boat or camper. Even though the gas mileage is less than desireable at times, it IS worth it. My whole family loves this truck. Best decision in a vehicle I've ever made!

2004 Ford Expedition

Best value 4x4 in the world

2008-07-31 00:15:17

Fortunately I now live in the land of cheap gas so mpg was not an issue for me but I have spent the last 45 years paying for most expensive gas in the world (UK). Prior to buying I test drove just about every decent 7 or 8 seater on the export market. The expy was the best looking, the most quiet inside and by far the best value of them all. Living with a 4x4 XLT is fantastic and there was no need for parking sensors or the like as the turn in is superb for reverse parking in a very congested city where most people drive civics or echos because of the supposed trouble parking. The six speed gearbox is super slick and makes a mockery out of the old slush boxes on Chevrolets offerings. The electronic 4x4 came to show its class in the mountains of Oman when crossing boulder fields on tick over, just superb. It also manages the huge sand dunes with ease. If I had to find fault with the car then it would be the following. The slot in ashtray is useless and in a useless position. Also the quality of the dashboard plastic around the cigarette lighter is too flimsy. And thats it for faults. A colleague spent nearly 50% more on an all singing, all dancing Armada and now wishes he had bought an Expedition. If you can live with the gas mileage, then there is no better value for money, better looking, real world full size SUV.

2008 Ford Expedition

Review of 2004 Ford Expedition

2008-07-24 12:06:21

Undoubtedly the best traveling vehicle we've owned. Space, comfort, features, etc... Averaging 19.6 mpg on highway rides with a full load. Bought it when we had a camper and even though we sold the camper, we keep our expy. Ok - it cost $100+ to fill up the tank but unless you want a little rocket banger this is our first choice for driving in.

2004 Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

2008-02-10 01:16:55

Great vehicle, I'm very happy. I should have done this years ago actually gets better mileage then expected (but still not great.

2008 Ford Expedition

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