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Excellent Performance!

2014-09-25 17:55:13

My wife and I were looking for a small SUV with some comfort and style without breaking the bank. Initially, we were against the long-nosed BMW, because we are Audi fans. But the X1 completely changed our notion/ decision after driving it. Finally, we got an used, low mileage 2014 BMW X1 xdrive 28i, fully loaded for $33.5K (pre-tax, fees etc.). We are extremely happy with it, till now. Other vehicles we test drove: Audi Q3 (less power and torque, poor gas mileage), Audi Q5, BMW X3, VW Tuareg, Forester (cabin noise above 70mph), Outback, GLK 250, RDX, Lexus, Volvo V60, Mazda CX-5 (poor rear view angles and cabin noise). I'd like to share a brief comparison between our top two choices: Audi Q3 (left) and BMW X1 xdrive 28i (right) as follows: 1. 200hp & 206lb.ft vs. 240hp & 260lb.ft 2. 20/28 mpg vs. 23/33 mpg 3. 6.6" vs. 7.0" ground clearance 4. $43,000 vs. $41,000 (similar specs) 5. 1yr/5000mi vs. 4yr/50,000 miles coverage 6. 0-60 in 8.2s vs. 6.2s 7. Cargo space 19.2cu.ft./ 48cu.ft (seats folded) vs. 26cu.ft/ 56cu.ft I really loved the 2014 Q5 TDI but the price, even for used cars, are $50K with premium plus trim. For that price we'd rather consider getting the Porsche Macan in another two years - a replacement for our 7 year old Honda. I would have loved to see little more rear leg space in the back seat, but we won't be ferrying passengers, so for us it is the least priority right now. Few plastic-feeling on the dash, ******** not a big deal for us. Wish X1 came in diesel version. I think Q1 is the best compromise of power, gas mileage, space, speed and comforts, all taken together. Drive the X1 xdrive 28i, you will love it.

2015 BMW X1


2014-09-05 04:40:22

xDrive 28i 4dr All-wheel Drive Sports Activity Vehicle~********************,000~56-65~AIKEN~South Carolina~City~Average~Family~Fun or Weekend Car~~~I am one very disappointed owner. I am 64 rs. old and thought this would be the perfect car for me and probably the last new car I would own. I have so much road and air noise, that I can hardly hear a passenger, if we are having a conservation. The power steering is non-existent. The gas milage is nowhere close to what is listed for this car. I told my salesman, I feel like l am driving a $42, 000 Chevette. I am no longer driving this car. I gave it to my daughter and took back my 2003 Jeep Overland I had given her. Responses I got from my salesman and the service dept. The noise is from the tires and is within range for that vehicle. The power steering is fine. It is supposed to be tight. Keep the car for at least 3 yrs. and trade it in. In the meantime I am to drive a $42,000 car that I won't drive.~true

2013 BMW X1


2014-08-28 12:00:38

I traded in my 2011 VW TDI for the 2014 X1. The handling of the VW was just as good, with a smoother ride and less noise. The dashboard of the X1 is hard plastic. You really feel all the bumps in the road. I always liked the looks of the X1 and I do get compliments along the way. It is small, but suits my needs. I was disappointed to find that even though the car was prewired for Sirius, I still had to pay extra to access all the Sirius stations. All in all, I am not happy with the car. I purchased it as a Certified Preowned Vehicle. I am glad I didn't pay the new car price. I would have felt even worse. I did purchase the extended maintenance plan knowing how pricey BMW's can be to maintain.

2014 BMW X1

My New BMW X1

2012-09-28 22:39:00

I am loving it! Rides so nice, my first "luxury car". I have had SUVs and trucks my whole life and after raising 4 kids who are all now adults it has been the perfect transition car for me! Im having a blast with the sportiness. Junior at BMW of Bakersfield Ca was a great sales associate.

2013 BMW X1

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