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2019-01-02 22:44:05

When we first got married in 1965, the first care we owned was a 1964 Impala SS. We also owned a 1955 Chevy Bel Aire. Next care was a 1972 Chevelle wagon...after that was then came the 1985 Impala... the 1995 Impala.. the 2005 Impala and right now is a 2013 Impala. Needless to say, we are strictly Chevy owners (My husband has a 2008 Silverado.) I love my Impala as I loved all the Chevys I have owned through the years (33yrs for the Impala) In my opinion all the other makes and models are ugly. I know it's too late to beg you not to discontinue my beloved Impala and I am really sorry to see such a good looking and great running car 'bite the dust'....sad....very sad...

2018 Chevrolet Impala

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