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4.0 out of 5

I got my car just before Thanksgiving.

2016-12-10 18:17:07

Black with Capucinno interior Select AWD fully loaded. Lets start with the good points400hp, AWD, very good acceleration and road handling. 3 modes, comfort, regular and performance. Performance gives quicker throttle response, couldn't see much difference in handling or ride.Truly comfortable. Driver position is excellent. 30 position seat. Why?Lane minding is great. Slight vibration to steering wheel when changing lanes. BTW heated steering wheel.Auto parking assist. It really works! Its hard to get used to trusting the car but it gives you visuals to help the paranoia.Active cruise control. Very much like my old (2010) SHO but this one will stop you whereas the SHO would only get you down to 15 mph.Heated and cooled seats front and rear. Rear seats recline, not a lot but a bit. Right rear seat has a control to move the front passenger seat forward to give you more leg room.CD player? Yes there is one. Try to find it. Owner's manual is no help. It took two trips to the dealer to find the CD player. Also try to find the CD eject button, A tiny little triangle on th lower right of the center consol.I've put about 850 miles on it and the combined mileage is 19.1mpg.Irritation! Auto nanny. Traveling a major highway in moderate to heavy traffic doing between 70-80 mph, as were all the other cars, I'd get a message on the dash suggesting that I should pull over and get some rest! This was complete with an icon of a cup of steaming coffee! The dealer disabled this lovely feature.This is about as complete as a luxury sedan can get. The only thing it lacks is headlight washers.

2017 Lincoln Continental

2017 Lincoln.

2016-08-10 17:43:06

I was hoping for a 2017 Lincoln that would look more like the 1979 continental mark V Are their any plans to build one similar in the future.

2017 Lincoln Continental


2016-07-29 10:54:31

Commenting on the car without even sitting behind the wheel,lol

2017 Lincoln Continental

Just a my 2 cents

2016-07-29 08:27:32

It looks like a car this size should have a V8. I have not done any research but my opinion is that Ford has always underpowered their cars.

2017 Lincoln Continental


2016-05-29 12:28:06

The Bentley grille looks MUCH better than the monstrosity you've used in the past! Glad to see you're cleaning up your act.

2017 Lincoln Continental

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